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What is Computer and Information Technology?

In the 21st century, computing technology plays an increasingly important role in every aspect of the society. Computer Science and Information Technology is an emerging field of study with a high scope in the mere future. Technology is needed everywhere, whether in business, education, medicine or in normal day to day routines. This field of study is changing rapidly as technology is changing rapidly, but the core concept of Computer Sciences remains the same. The study of Computer Science and Information Technology provides students with an understanding of fundamental computer science concepts coupled with applied information technology skills to prepare them for careers in computing technology. In addition to the computer science skills and abilities, students gain an understanding of the human side of computing, the social, ethical and global issues related to technology, and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively through project-based coursework. The field also requires core research to gain insight knowledge about emerging tools and technologies.


Computer Science and Information Technology at JUW

Jinnah University for Women offers three degree programs under the department of Computer Science and Information Technology i.e., BS(Computer Science), BS(Information Technology) and BS(Software Engineering). The department has three software laboratories, one hardware laboratory and one Logic Design and Switching Laboratory. There are in total 6 classrooms and one seminar room. The classrooms and laboratories as well are equipped with visual systems. The department has highly qualified teachers having academic as well as industrial experience. There is also PhD faculty in the department who are required for core theoretical courses. The department also supports researches and encourages students to participate in conferences and software competitions. The department also facilitates funded projects for Final year students. Final year project meetings are called weekly and industry professional are hired for looking over the Final year projects of students.



The department of Computer Science and Information Technology aims to provide competitive market professionals. Having industry experience faculty is the major cause in helping students’ gain an insight about the industry during their study period that will help them in their careers. Our Computer Science students are working as Analysts and Programmers in multi-national firms. The Information Technology majors usually go towards management and IT businesses. Most of our students have undergone higher studies from abroad after graduating from Jinnah University for Women. Problem solving skills are created in the students during their studying period in the form of quizzes, assignments, individual and group projects.


Contact Details

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology,
Block D,
Jinnah University for Women,
5-C Nazimabad, Karachi.


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For B.S In Computer Science

First Year
First Semester Second Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
CSC 1011 Introduction to Computing 4(3,1) CSC 1032 Object Oriented Programming 4(3,1)
CSC 1021 Fundamentals of Programming 4(3,1) PHY 1182 Electronics 3(2,1)
ENG 1211 Functional English 3(3,0) ENG 1222 Technical Report Writing 3(3,0)
ISL 1241 Islamiat / Ethics I 2(2,0) MAT 1402 Multivariable Calculus 3(3,0)
MAT 1151 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3(3,0) Uni Elective – 1 3(3,0)
PST 1251 Pakistan Studies 2(2,0) MAT 1172 Linear Algebra 3(3,0)
Second Year
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
CSC 2081 Database Systems 3(2,1) CSC 2302 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 3(2,1)
CSC 2051 Data Structures and algorithm 3(2,1) MAT 2412 Differential Equation 3(3,0)
ENG 2231 Communication skill 3(3,0) CSC 2092 Software Engineering 3(2,1)
MAT 2041 Discrete Structures 3(3,0) CSC xxxx CS Elective – I 3
Uni Elective – II 3 Uni Elective – III 3(3,0)
PHY 2061 Digital Logic Design 3(2,1) MAT 2162 Probability and Statistics 3(3,0)
Third Year
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
CSC 3341 Computer Architecture 3(3,0) CSC 3112 Human Computer Interaction 3(3,0)
CSC 3071 Operating Systems 3(2,1) CSC 3352 Compiler Construction 3(2,1)
CSC 3311 Automata Theory 3(3,0) CSC xxxx CS Elective – III 3
CSC 3101 Computer Communication & Network 3(2,1) CSC 3322 Algoritham Analysis 3(3,0)
CSC xxxx CS Elective – II 3 CSC xxxx CS Elective – IV 3
Uni Elective – IV 3(3,0)
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MAT 4421
Numerical Methods
3(2,1) CSC 4121 Final year project 3(3,0)
CSC 4121
Final year project
3(3,0) CSC xxxx CS Elective – VII 3
CSC xxxx
CS Elective – V
3 CSC xxxx CS Elective – VIII 3
CSC 4331
Artificial Intelligence
3(2,1) CSC xxxx CS Elective – IX 3
CSC xxxx
CS Elective – VI
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