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What Is Education?

With the growing needs of rapidly changing world and continuous expansion of knowledge within developing countries, education has become even more essential as a tool to attain certain standards of the quality of human life as well as to maintain the pace of development. Education department enables its students to draw on a wide range of intellectual resources, theoritical perspectives and academic disciplines, to provide an understanding of education and the context in which it takes place. Here students can also study the foundation discipline of Education, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology and can appreciate their contribution to our understanding of educational policy and the process and practice of education.The main focus of the department is to prepare human capital in the field of education as teachers,educators,educational leaders and researchers.Innovative methods and techinques of teaching and learning in the area of education have made this department parallel with that of the international standards.


Education at JUW

Education department of JUW has been playing a leading role in preparing a competitive,knowledgeable and skilled force of teachers and teachers educators who are willing to accept the challenges of present time in the field of education within and outside the country.The department provide opportunities for the enhancement of knowledge and new dimension of specializations to both the student and the faculty members.In this regard beside BS and MA program, BS B.Ed and M.Ed evening program,M.Phil/P.hD program in the department have been offered also .The department provide opportunities to educate people in various walks of life who wish to take their future career as research scholars,managers and specialists in the area of their passion,profession and future demand.The department believe in providing high quality education through comitted,devoted and skilled faculty and try to produce professionals having clear vision of future and desire to contribute in the progress of our country.



Education is an important discipline in social sciences.Therefore,graduated students of Education department have ample opportunities in the competitive job market.Educational Management and Administration,Career Counseling,Schools,Colleges,Teacher training institutes ,Human Resources Development centres,Professional institutes ,Dept of Health education,Research industry and NGO based organisations are the possible fields for the graduated of Education.



Department of Education
Jinnah University for Women
5-C Nazimabad, Karachi—74600
Contact #36619920, 36620857-9


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For B.S(EDUCATION) Programme

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
EDU 1011 Maj Foundation I Introduction of EducationI 3 EDU 1022 Maj Foundation II 3
GEN Minor I 3 Introduction of Education II 3
GEN Minor II 3 GEN Minor I 3
ENG 1011 C English 1 3 GEN Minor II 3
ISL.ST. 1011 C Islamiat 2 ENG 1022 C English 2 3
COM 1011 C Computer 3 MAT 1012 C Mathematics 3

Second Year

Third Semester Fourth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
EDU 2031 Maj Foundation III Development of Education I 3 EDU 2042 Maj Foundation V Development of Education II 3
EDU 2041 Maj Foundation IV Development of Education III 3 EDU 2052 Maj Foundation VI Development of Education IV 3
GEN Minor I 3 GEN Minor I 3
GEN Minor II 3 GEN Minor II 3
ENG 2031 C English 3 3 ENG 2042 C English 4 3
URD 2011 C Urdu 3 PS 2012 C Pak Studies 2

Third Year

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
EDU 3051 Foundation VII Philosophical Foundation of Education 3 EDU 3102 Foundation IX Sociological Foundation of Education 3
EDU 3061 Foundation VIIIPsychology of Education 3 EDU 3112 Learning Process 3
EDU 3071 Historical Development of Education 3 EDU 3122 Education in Pakistan 3
EDU 3081 Educational Research 3 EDU 3132 Data Collection 3
EDU 3091 Educational Measurement & Evolution 3 EDU 3142 Measuring Instruments 3
EDU 3011
Elec I
Edu. Planning Future needs & Advanced Programming 3 EDU 3022
Elec II
Distance Edu. & Educational Seminar Conferences 3

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
EDU 4151
Comparative Education
3 EDU 4202 Structural Elements & Systems 3
EDU 4161
Educational Guidance
3 EDU 4212 Educational & Vocational Counseling 3
EDU 4171
Modern Development in Education
3 EDU 4222 Technology in Schools 3
EDU 4181 Elec III
Readings in Education I
3 EDU 4232 Elec IV Readings in Education II 3
EDU 4191
Research Report I
3 EDU 4042 Research Report II 3
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