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What Is Environmental Science

Environmental science is the science of the connections between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment, including their effects on all types of organisms with special emphasis on the impact of humans on the environment. It is a multi-disciplinary science as it deals with various branches of studies including Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Sociology and Economics. It teaches us to guard and sustain our natural resources of land, water, air and vegetation in turn to improve human life quality. It also identifies the environmental problems; provide full and objective understanding of our environment, including the causes and possible solutions to our current environmental problems. Thus this field produces Environmental Scientists who develops Environmental friendly methods and technologies to build on Earth a good habitable and safe environment.


Environmental Science at JUW

Department of Environmental Sciences at JUW has been established in January 2012.In starting it has taught as minor subject only. But by realizing the future prospects and utmost and pivotal importance of this subject, JUW has decided to start Environmental Sciences as Major subject offering Bachelor’s of Sciences (4 year Program) from 2013 which will lead to Master’s and Doctorate level.

The major role of this Department at JUW is to trained their students with modern tools and technologies from variety of areas including Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Ecology, Earth sciences, Atmospheric sciences, Hydrology, Environmental Management, laws and policy An important aspect of our program is research opportunities available for students and teachers also to undertake research/practice oriented projects in an Environmental Science area of their choice by adopting eco friendly practices in their work.

Faculty members have vast teaching experience complemented with field exposure. Seminars and lectures are arranged by experienced and qualified personnel at campus to facilitate our students with up-to-date news and knowledge regarding Environmental issues.

Well set class rooms with multimedia projectors are available.

Department has spacious laboratories with modern and advanced equipments providing first hand practical knowledge to their students.


Careers In Environmental Science

The graduates of this department have multiple career opportunities and are further going to increase in Pakistan and aboard in future. Environmentalist can work with Government department and agencies like Environmental planning, wild life protection, resource conservation and management, urban planning and pollution control. They can also engage in industries like waste treatment industries, oil refineries, textile mills, fertilizer plants and agricultural industries. Teaching in colleges and universities is a good option for Environmental Scientists. Environmental Scientist brings a systematic approach to the analysis of environmental problems. Hence the study in the subject of Environmental Science builds skills and knowledge to play an active role in the society.


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