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What Is International Relations?

International relations is a vast subject which deals with not only political issues among the nations but also economic and societal issues of states. It encapsulates all the areas which give broader spectrum insight of the world. It interlinks with the events of the past and provides us the lens to view the contemporary issues of the world to foresee future era. As an academic discipline, international relations encompass a wide range of academic fields, ranging from history to environmental studies, and there are a number of areas of specific specialty, for academics who are interested in them. Whether one works in international relations or studies it, one should expect to examine things like economics, history, sociology, anthropology, law, nationalism, development, human rights issues, psychology, geography, global studies, and even philosophy.


Department at JUW:

Department of International Relations at Jinnah University for Women doesn’t imply on the paradigm of conventional way of teaching. Here you can find our very own reference library in which number of books on latest topics are available, also the library is equipped with monthly journals of Social Sciences.

For the enhancement of students’ knowledge we conduct weekly “Graduate student discussion group”. Also we arrange excursion trips to different leading universities of Karachi. In department we hold different seminars in which prominent personalities related to media, academics and defense are invited. Basic focus of department is that to polish students in such a manner so that they will be able to compete with the students of all universities and make them useful product for the society.



Many institutions all over the world offer training for people who wish to specialize in this field, along with cooperative study agreements abroad which help to expand the horizons of students. Furthermore a significant number of students embark upon the field of electronic and print media, defense, academics, economics, NGOs, multinationals, diplomacy, marketing, teaching, environmental institutes, foreign policy making, think tanks.


Contact Details:

Jinnah University for Women, Nazimabad No. 5, Karachi
Department of International Relations
Call us at 36620657 ext 254
Please email us at
[email protected]


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For BS [BACHELOR OF STUDIES] In International Relations

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 1011C English 3 ENG 1022 C English 3
ISL  1011C Islamic Studies 2 PST 1022 C Pakistan Studies 2
IR 1011 Introduction to International Relations 3 IR 1022 Geo-Pol. Structure of the world 3
GEN 1011 MINOR I 3 GEN 1022 MINOR I 3
COM 1022 Computer Application 3

Second Year

Third Semester Fourth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 2031 C English 3 ENG 2042 C English 3
2031 Diplomacy 3 IR 2042 Diplomatic History of the world 1648-1945 Important Event 2
2031 Communication Skill 3 IR 2042 Foreign Policy of Pakistan 3
GEN 2031 MINOR I 3 GEN 2042 MINOR I 3
IR 2031 Research Methodology/Computer Application 3

Third Year

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
IR 3071 Theories of International Relations 3 IR 3102 Globalization and International Relations 3
IR 3081 International Law-I 3 IR 3112 Foreign policy Analysis 3
IR International Organizations 3 IR 3132 Contemporary International Issues 3
IR International Political Economy 3 IR 3142 Area Studies 3
IR Diplomatic History of the World Since 1945 3 IR 3152 Islam & International Relations 3

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
IR 4151
Reasearch Project/Internship
3 IR 4202 Peace Studies 3
IR 4161
Arms Control & Disarmament
3 IR 4212 Politics of Terrorism 3
IR 4171
Defense and Strategic Studies
3 IR 4222 Conflict Resolution 3
IR 4181
Foreign Policy of Major Power(USA,Russia & China)
3 IR 4232 Power and Security in South Asia 3
IR 4191
Human Rights in International Relations
3 IR 4242 International Law-II 3
Meserch Methodology
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