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What Is Mathematics?

Mathematics is the queen and the subject of all sciences and has, for centuries been the foundation and language of the physical sciences, and lately mathematical models and tools have come to pervade the biological and social sciences as well. Mathematics is an art, discovering and creating structure and order in the universe.

The Mathematics department provides the background for graduate study in both pure and Applied Mathematics. The major course is designed to meet diverse goals ranging from applied work in science or industry to teaching or graduate study. The required courses provide a strong foundation in the principal areas of mathematics, while the elective courses offer an opportunity to tailor the program to individual needs.

The major course is in demand in a wide variety of business and industrial firms, especially if the major course is combined with some course work in computer science, One of the natural sciences, economics or business; many find work in the actuarial fields or as analysts in the computer or communications industry.


Mathematics at JUW

The department of Mathematics has been functioning since the university was established and gradually making progress. Graduates in Mathematics have pursued fulfilling career in teaching, research, engineering, finance and business, law, etc. The department offers four-year BS and M.Sc. Programmes


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For B.S In Mathematics

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG  1011/300C English I 3+0 BIO 1022/300C Maths II 3+0
BIO 1011/300C  Biology I 3+0 ENG 1022/300C English II 3+0
GEN I 1011/301 xxx 2+1 COM 1012/300C Computer 2+1
GEN II 1011/301 xxx 2+1 GEN III 1022/302 xxx 2+1
MAT 1011/311 Foundation I Calculus I 3+0 GEN IV 1022/302 xxx 2+1
MAT 1022/312 Foundation I Calculus & Ordinary differential equation 3+0

Second Year

Third Semester Fourth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 2031/400C English III 3+0 ENG 2042/400C English IV 3+0
P.ST 2011/400C Pak. Studies 2+0 ISL.ST 2012/400C Islamiat 2+0
GEN V 2031/401 xxxx 2+1 GEN VII 2042/402 xxx 2+1
GEN VI 2031/401 xxxx 2+1 GEN VIII 2042/402 xxx 2+1
MAT 2031/411 Foundation III Calculus II 3+0 MAT 2052/412 Foundation V Algebra I 3+0
MAT 2041/421 Foundation IV Data Processing & Programming Languages 2+1 MAT 2062/422 Foundation VI Computer algebra and Number theory 3+0

Third Year

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MAT 3011/511 Maj I Numerical Analysis I 3+0 MAT 3022/512 Maj IV Numerical Analysis II 3+0
MAT 3031/521 Maj II Discrete Structures 3+0 MAT 3042/522 Maj V Differential Geometery 3+0
MAT 3051/531 Maj III Mathematical Statistics & Probability Th. 3+0 MAT 3062/532 Maj VI Classical Mechanics 3+0
MAT 3071/541 Foundation VII Real Analysis 3+0 MAT 3082/542 Foundation X Complex Analysis 3+0
MAT 3091/551 Foundation VIII Method of Mathematical Physics I 3+0 MAT 3102/552 Foundation XI Method of Mathematical Physics II 3+0
AMT 3111/561 Foundation IX Algebra II 3+0 MAT 3122/562 Maj VII Partial Differential Equations 3+0

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MAT 4011/611 Maj VIII
Algebra III
3+0 MAT 4022/612 Maj XII Algebra IV 3+0
MAT 4031/621 Maj IX
Bio Mathematics
3+0 MAT 4042/622 Maj XIII Fluid Dynamics 3+0
MAT 4051/631 Maj X
Electromagnetism I
3+0 MAT 4062/632 MAj XIV Electromagnetism II 3+0
MAT 4071/641 Maj XI
Functional Analysis
3+0 MAT 4082/642 Maj XV Modeling and Simulation 3+0
Elective I
3+0 Elective III 3+0
Elective II
3+0 Elective IV 3+0
Elective Courses Elective Courses
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MAT 4091
Operation Research
3+0 MAT 4102 Optimization Theory 3+0
MAT 4111
Vector & Tensor analysis
3+0 MAT 4121 Projective geometry 3+0
MAT 4131
Mathematical Methods
3+0 MAT 4142 Software Engineering 3+0
MAT 4151
Astronomy I
3+0 MAT 4161 Mathematical Spaces 3+0
MAT 4171
Quantum Mechanics
3+0 MAT 4182 Astronomy II 3+0
MAT 4191
Point Set topology
3+0 MAT 4202 Quantum Mechanics II 3+0
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