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What Is Statistics?

Statistics is pretaining to the collection,analysis,interpretation or explanation,and presentation of data. It is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, from physical and social to the humanities. Statistics is also used for making informed decisions.


Statistics at JUW

Department is offering degrees for BS (4 year) and M.Sc. (2 year) in Statistics.



With a graduate degree in Statistics, you are a more attractive candidate for jobs that require understanding of statistical information. For example, in an industrial setting you will be able to readily understand informations based on statistical quality control, even though you may not have a course in it. In a management or sales position, in an insurance company, you will be able to understand actuarial data, even though you are not an actuary. In marketing or market research setting, lots of the data come from sample surveys and are subjected to standard statistical analysis, you will be able to understand and use these data,even though you may not be crunching the numbers yourself. A degree in Statistics is also an advantage to Computer Science students. All other things being equal, job applicants who appear to know some statistics have an advantage in almost every field.


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For B.S In Statistics

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG I 1011/300C Compulsary I 3+0 ENG II 1022/300C  Compulsary III 3+0
MAT 1011/300C  Compulsary II 3+0 COMP 1011/2C  Compulsary IV 3+0
GEN I 1011/301 Minor/Subsi 3+1 GEN III 1022/302 Minor/Subsi 3+1
GEN II 1011/301 Minor/Subsi 3+1 GEN IV 1022/302 Minor/Subsi 3+1
STAT 1011 Introductory Statistics 4 STAT 1022 Introductory Probabiltity and Distribution 4

Second Year

Third Semester Fourth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 2031C English 3 ENG 2042C English 3
PS 2011C Pak. Studies 2 ISL.ST 2012C Islamiat 2
GEN 2031 MINOR-1 3+1 GEN 2042 MINOR-1 3+1
GEN 2031 MINOR-2 3+1 GEN 2042 MINOR-2 3+1
STAT 2031 Introduction to regression Analysis & Experimental Design 4 STAT 2042 Applied Statistics 4

Third Year

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
STAT 3051 Probability & Probability Distribution – I 3 STAT 3102 Design & Analysis of Experiments – Ii 3
STAT 3061 Probability & Probability Distribution – I 3 STAT 3112 Regression Analysis 3
STAT 3071 Sampling Techniques – I 3 STAT 3122 Econometrics 3
STAT 3081 Sampling Techniques – Ii 3 STAT 3132 Statistical Quality Control Or Non-parametric Methods 3
STAT 3091 Design & Analysis of Experiments – I 3 STAT 3142 Population Studies 3

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Code Subject Cr.Hr. Note: Two Two courses of semester VII
STAT 4151
statistical inference I
3+0 and three courses of semester VIII will be
STAT 4161
Statistical Inference II
3+0 choosen from the list of optional courses.
STAT 4171
Applied Multivariate Analysis
3+0 Further more there will be a project.


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