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What Is Economics?

Economics is the Brain of social sciences with advancement in the area of Information technology, Environmental issues, Financial issues, Planning & policy making for sectoral & national changes, Industrialization, Psychological factors, Political & global issues, Consumer/buyers behavior & responses, Marketing strategies & their management, Islamic values of economy, Competitive strategies, Agricultural innovations & remedies, Human Resources’ facilitation & Econometric rules to implement policies into society. Economics is not just a collection of facts but a unified approach to think about the world. Economics surround the life and it is important since the beginning of human activity. That how human use their scarce resources to attain maximum satisfaction with given options. Economics provides learning in such a way that enables students to get the knowledge about management of wealth for the best results in terms of human welfare and development in a wide variety of socio – cultural aspects. It also provides the understanding of the current scenario to overcome the problems related with future and evaluate the economic changes with efficient use of available economic resources to build the nation in a best manner.


Economics at JUW

Economics Department was started in 1985. From the 27 years the department is serving the students & enhancing their capabilities. The aim of the department is not only to give academic education but also to provide practical knowledge to the students through internship in various renowned organizations/Institutions & arranges seminars/lectures on various general/subjective topics by inviting highly qualified faculty members & experts from different Universities/Institutions of Pakistan who share their valuable experiences & learnings with students. Department also organize National level Workshops & curricular/extra curricular event & activities to let students being aware of professional knowledge/opportunities. Economics Department provides platform to the students to participate enthusiastically among national and international communities to fulfill the need of professional education to boost their career. The Department is still looking forward to equip the faculty & students to match the expected & actual core of the subject. Day by day the importance of Economics Department is increasing by leaps & bounds.


Career Related To Department

After qualifying students are availing best professional opportunities in the field of Banking, Research, Finance and Industry and also in Government sectors like National Internship Programme( NIP) ,Public Service Commission & State Bank Of Pakistan. In addition, students are also proceeding further studies to boost-up their career.


Contact Details:

Department Of Economics,
Ms. Adila Wali
Program Head
Office: 021-36620857-9 Ext 238
Cell : 0333-3262137
[email protected]


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For Two / One Year M.A [MASTER OF ARTS] In Economics


Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ECO 5111 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 ECO 5162 Basic Econometrics 3
ECO 5121 Economics of Development 3 ECO 5172 Human Resource Development 3
ECO 5131 Mathematical Economics 3 ECO 5182 Monetary Economics 3
ECO 5141 Public Finance 3 ECO 5192 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECO 5151 Statistics 3 ECO 5202 Agriculture Economics 3
Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ECO 6211 International Trade theory 3 ECO 6262 Financial Institutions and Markets 3
ECO 6221 Research Methodology 3 ECO 6272 Applied Economics and Computer Applications 3
ECO 6231 Islamic Economics 3 ECO 6282 Environmental Economics 3
ECO 6241 Economic Planning 3 ECO 6292 Political economy and Global order 3
ECO 6251 Management Economics 3 ECO 6312 Industrial Economics 3
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