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What Is English?

The world today has become a global village, with a rapid expansion in our need of communication. The language which connects the world at large is none other than English. English is expanding as a language as well as a subject. Previously English Literature which consists of Poetry, Novels, Dramas, Prose and Criticism was the only subject offered to students, but now Applied Linguistics which is a scientific study of language has emerged as a new field. Those who have literary taste can opt for Literature while those who are interested in the systematic study of English language can choose Linguistics as a subject.


English Department at Jinnah University For Women:

English department is one of the oldest departments of JUW. It has been working, since the inception of the university to achieve its mission. The department provides the students with ample facilities to utilize their time at the university beneficially.

Department of English offers two degree programs: MA (2 years) and BS (4years). MA program is purely based on literature courses whereas BS program comprises of courses on literature and linguistics.

The Department of English has a seminar library consisting of books on literature and linguistics. The students have access to the main library that has a large collection of books on both the subjects. Internet access is also provided to the students of English department to keep pace with the updated information.

The Department of English also furnishes its students with the opportunity to attend training workshops and seminars which can be beneficial for their professional life. Our students regularly attend seminars held by Aga khan University and they also attended Karachi Literature Festival at Carlton Hotel.

Our department has its own newsletter, THOUGHTS; the students contribute their write up for the newsletter. The newsletter provides the students a platform to express themselves. Along with the newsletter, our student’s write ups are published in university magazine “Aayaan.” Facebook link for THOUGHTS is:

Our students are also participating actively in environmental causes. One of our student worked as a coordinator with an international campaign for earth named “Mobilize U.” Our students worked for “Mobilize JUW” devotedly. They organized an introductory seminar to make students of the university aware of the purposes and aims of the campaign. They also discussed the need of recycling and cleanliness. They cleaned the university and created recycled objects themselves to set an example. The recycled objects exhibition was held by the Department and the senior coordinator Mr. Asim Nawaz (Isld) appreciated student’s efforts and awarded them certificates for their hard work. This campaign was started in accord with The International Earth Day Campaign.

A Tesol( Teaching English to the Speakers of other languages) Community is established by Miss Samreen Humayun at Facebook which helps students in getting useful information from net.
English department holds various competitions and events to give students a chance to show their talents. Students are encouraged to take part in Debate competition, Essay and Creative writing competitions, Cooking and Art and Craft competitions, not only within the university but also outside it. Student’s week is arranged by the university every year for students to put across their skills in singing, cooking, recitation, and performing arts. Our students have won prizes in many competitions and have made the Department proud. Students of English Department have also won prizes in Sports Competitions because the department upholds the physical fitness of its students.

Apart from these competitions the department also celebrates different occasions and festivals. Independence Day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm, starting the day with mass recitation of national anthem. Students wear green dupattas and sing national songs to rejoice their independence. Shakespeare’s Day is also celebrated by the department to pay tribute to one of the classic playwright of English Literature. Students perform on his plays reviving his characters and his age. The Department arranges different other events as well; Teacher’s Day, Historical Day and Spring Gala are to name a few.

In this way a combination of both, curricular and extra- curricular activities enable them to become confident members of the society.



There is a wide range of opportunities which our graduates pursue; some students go for Higher Education i-e MPhil, Ms/ PhD or a second Masters in either Literature or Linguistics, while others go for jobs in educational institutes and other organizations. Students holding a BS or MA degree in English from our university are working successfully in schools, colleges, universities and English language centers. Some are even working as Air hostess and in Human Resource Department of banks and various organizations. Other than these fields there are more options open for our students, for instance they can go for competitive exams like CSS and PCS and get a 17 to 18 grade post in civil services. Reputable institutes like Aga Khan University appoints graduates having linguistics as their major subject, to teach English Language to their staff members according to the requirement of their work. Our students can work in newspaper agencies as editors and columnists; they can also pursue a writing career and become a novelist, poet, critic, freelancer, copywriter, translator and even a journalist. Furthermore there are many organizations which require candidates having fluency in English language; these are the places where our students can easily get a job. In a nutshell proficiency in English language is the need of the time and those who have this treasure never fall short of job opportunities.


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For M.A In English


Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 505 Introduction to Research Methodology 3 ENG 506 Major Literary Movements (20th Century) 3
ENG 501 Principles of Literary Criticism 3 ENG 502 Literary Criticism-II 3
ENG 503 Poetry 14th to 18th Century 3 ENG 504 Classics in Drama 3
ENG 507 Novel 18th to 19th Century 3 ENG 508 Pakistani Literature in English 3
ENG 509 History 3 ENG 510 Practical Criticism 3


Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ENG 605 Research Thesis 3 ENG 606 Research Thesis 3
ENG 603 Romantic Poetry 3 ENG 608 American Literature: Drama 3
ENG 601 Women Writers 3 ENG 610 World Literature-II 3
ENG 607 Continental Drama 3 ENG 608 Modern Poetry 3
ENG 609 World Literature I 3 ENG 610 Modern Novel 3
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