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What Is Media Studies

Media Studies is the academic study of how information is relayed through individuals and organizations, to a large segment of the society at the same time using the available modes of communication or media. This field finds its roots in journalism, and expands to encompass any form of messages that are meant for the masses. Therefore, not only newspapers or news channels come under discussion, a whole wide world of entertainment television, radio, magazines, films etc. are also discussed. The field is concerned with the effects of media over public opinion. Over the years, the field has progressed to include advertising and public relations as well. With the advent of Internet and its development over the years, lines between various Media Studies fields have significantly blurred, bringing the subject to whole new height. Media Studies has gained popularity with the increasing number of television and radio channels.


Media Studies at JUW

Media Studies is a very popular subject of study. The department of Media Studies is working since last 9 years and presently there are around 400 students enrolled in B.S and M.A programs.

The curriculum of studies comprises theoretical knowledge and practical skills with emphasis on language skills in both Urdu and English. Students study a diverse selection of modes of Media Studies including newspapers, television channels, magazines, etc. Media Studies Program subscribes to a number of important newspapers and magazines for the benefit of the students. Media Studies Program strives to place students in internship programs to help them gain practical experience.

The Media Studies curriculum provides a chance of special training in any of the specialized fields from Electronic Media, Print Media, Advertising and Public Relations, and Organizational


Careers Related To JUW

A number of our students embark on a professional journey in prestigious media organizations as producers, journalists, directors, creative specialists etc. Some of our students also opt for further studies as research assistants or specialized postgraduate degrees.


Contact Details

Media Studies Program E-15
First Floor, Block E
Jinnah University For Women
5C – Nazimabad


Course outline

Scheme Of Courses For M.A In Mass Communitation

FIRST YEAR Media Studies M.A

Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MCO 501 Functional English 3 MCO 502 Sub-editing 3
MCO 503 Functional Urdu 3 MCO 504 Theories of Communication 3
MCO 505 Pakistan Past and Present 3 MCO 506 Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations 3
MCO 507 News Writing and Reporting 3 MCO 508 Introduction to Electronic Media 3
MCO 509 Introduction to Communication 3 MCO 510 Online Journalism 3

SECOND YEAR Media Studies M.A

Code Subject Cr.Hr.
MCO 601 Feature and Article Writing 3 MCO 602 Development Communication 3
MCO 603 Introduction to Social Sciences 3 MCO 604 Media Laws and Ethics 3
MCO 605 Research Methods 3 MCO 606 TV News & Program Production 3
MCO 607 Radio News & Program Production 3 MCO 608 Advanced Public Relations and Event Management 3
MCO 609 Advanced Advertising 3 MCO 610 Research Report 3

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