Prof. Dr. Rubeena Saleem


Awards Fulbright Post-Doctorate Scholarship from Sept. 1998 to Aug. 1999. Publication of Biography in several editions of  “The Marquis Who’s Who”.   Publications Safety and toxicological evaluation of herbal formulation on rodents. Farzana Sadaf, Sumbul Shamim, Rubeena Saleem Navaid-ul-Zadar. Pakistan Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences (accepted). New aromatic hydroxy fatty acid esters from Moringa oleifera Rubeena Saleem,  […]

Dr. Imran Malik

Assistant Professor / Ph.D Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Rostock, Germany

Research Interests: Synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compounds by palladium catalyzed reactions. Synthesis of metal carbene complexes and their application in organic synthesis. Publications: “Efficient synthesis of functionalized 2,3-Di(alkenyl)benzothiophenes and Dibenzothiophenes based on the first Heck reactions of 2,3-Di- and 2,3,5 Tribromobenzothiophene”. Hussain, M.; Malik, I.; Langer, P. Synlett, 2009, 16, 2691-2695. (I.F = 2.718) […]

Ms. Aziz Fatima

Publications: Nadeem SG, A Fatima, ST Hakim.2015. Effect of Cadmium levels on the growth of Candida albicans.World Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Microbiology and Toxicology, 1(1): 45 – 48. Ahad F, A Fatima, ST Hakim, SG Nadeem. 2014. Synergistic Antibacterial Activity of Trachyspermumammi(Ajwain) and Metal Salts against Pathogenic Bacteria. RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied […]

Ms. Amna Shafiq


Publications: Shafiq A, Nadeem SG, Hakim ST. 2016. Paper Currency: A Potential Fomite for Pathogenic Bacteria. NIBD Journal of Health Sciences. [Submitted] Zafar S, Shafiq A, Nadeem SG, Hakim ST. 2016. Isolation and preliminary screening of biosurfactant producing bacteria from oil contaminated soil. Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences. [Submitted] A Shafiq, Jawaid S, Fatima A, […]

Ms. Fasiha Saeed

Assistant Professor

Publications: Fasiha Saeed, Fariha Ahmed, Farkhanda Afaque, Kholud Mehmood, S. Ghufrana Nadeem. Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Bioactive Phenazine against Clinical Isolates, PJSIR, (accepted article id: PJSIR-9246-SE) Fasiha Saeed, Saleha Aslam, Farkhanda Afaque, S. Ghufrana Nadeem & Qurat-ul-Ain Fatima. 2016. Association of Microbes with Plastic Degradation & its Thermal Resistance from the Environment of Karachi. American-Eurasian J. […]

Ms. Farkhanda Afaque

Assistant Professor

Publications: Extraction & Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Bioactive Phenazine from Pseudomonas aeruginosa against Clinical Isolates, Fasiha Saeed, Fariha Ahmed, Farkhanda Afaque, Kholud Mehmood, S.Ghufrana Nadeem, PJSIR, (accepted 25-09-2017 article id: 1786) Association of Microbes with Plastic Degradation & its Thermal Resistance from the Environment of Karachi. Fasiha Saeed, Saleha Aslam, Farkhanda Afaque, S. Ghufrana Nadeem & […]

Syed Muhammad Iqbal Azimuddin


Field Of Interest In Research: Protein Chemistry Homology Modeling of Proteins Publications: Chen, F., S. Wang, S. Mou, I. Azimuddin, D. Zhang, X. Pan, F. A. Al-Misned and M. G. Mortuza (2015). “Physiological responses and accumulation of heavy metals and arsenic of Medicago sativa L. growing on acidic copper mine tailings in arid lands.” Journal […]

Dr. Sheikh Ajaz Rasool


Research Interests: R plasmid mediated drug resistance among bacteria: The number of the microorganisms not responding to the treatment has progressively increased and it has been a global problem. Variable genetic elements are a major cause of drug resistance transfer among microorganisms. The antibiotic preparations may contain the producers’ drug immunity resistance elements, which get […]

Ms. Naheed Afshan

Assistant Professor

Publications: Naheed Afshan, Maham Ghouri, Aliya hayat “Zika a Big Concern to the recent World” National Journal of Health Sciences 2017,2.31-34 Naheed Afshan,Benish Nawaz, Maliha Hamid “Carbapenem Resistant Acinetobacter spp Restricted the Therapeutive Alternatives” Pak. Journal of Pharma. sci . Vol.30,No 1, January 2017, pp093-096. Maham Ghouri, Naheed Afshan, Sumaira Javed 2016 “LABs Responsible for […]

Dr. Najma Rasool Mughal

Assistant Professor

Area of Interests Natural Product Chemistry Synthetic Chemistry   Published papers S. Faizi, N.R. Mughal, R. A. Khan, S. A. Khan, A. Ahmad, N. Bibi and S. A. Ahmad. Evaluation of the antimicrobial property of Polyalthia longifolia var. pendula: Isolation of a lactone as the active antibacterial agent from the ethanol extract of the stem. […]

Dr. Suad Naheed

Assistant Professor

Research Publications: Serum levels of leptin, zinc and tryptophan in obese subjects with sleep deficits. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., (4Suppl):1431-1438, 2017. Antimicrobial potentials of the leaves branches and peels of medicinal plants against various pathogenic microorganisms. FUUAST J. Biol. 7(1):19-22., 2017. Abolition of heavy metal mercury by low cost domestic organic wastes from the Phaseolus […]

Prof. Dr. Farah Jabeen


Research Publications: Farah Jabeen, Husan Afroz Rizvi and Anum Subhan. “Effect of Hyperglycemia on Superoxide Dismutase Defense System and Erythrocyte Indices in Diabetic Patients” Pakistan journal of Biochemistry and Molecular biology. 2012;45: (2). (ISSN 1681-4525),HEC Indexed Farah Jabeen, Asher Fawwad, Husan Afroz Rizvi, Faraz Alvi “Role of Platelet Indices, Glycemic Control and High Sensitivity C-Reactive […]

Dr. Nasreen Khan

Assistant Professor

Research Publications: Nasreen Khan, and Imtiaz Ahmad, 2017. Sound producing organs and male songs of Acanthogryllus brunneri (Saussure) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). (In progress) Abid Hussain, Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmad. 2017. Impact of seasonal and geographical variation on the male call song structure of the common house cricket Acheta domesticus(L). Int. J. Biol. Biotech., (Accepted). Rana […]

Dr. Uzma Hameed

Assistant Professor

Research Publications Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution on the surface of wool fiber and cotton fiber. A. Rasheed Khan, Hajira Tahir, Fahim Uddin and Uzma Hameed. Journal of Applied. Sciences and Environmental Management, 9( 2), 29-35 (2005). ISSN:1119-8362 Removal of fast green Dye (C.I. 42053) from an aqueous solution using, Azadirachta Indica leaves […]

Prof. Dr. Farah Tariq


Field of Specialization: Environmental Biochemistry and toxicology Environmental pollution & harmful effects on health of aquatic ecosystem. Expertise: Environmental Biochemistry Nutrition & Dietetics Clinical Biochemistry Research Publications: Farha Aziz , Bushra Siddiqui and Farah Jabeen Prevalence of Nutritional Anemia’s associated with Body Mass Index and Hemoglobin Concentration among Young Females of JUW, Karachi, Pakistan, Sindh […]

Dr. Safila Naveed

Associate Professor

FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION Drug Interactions, Development of assay methods for drugs on HPLC/UV, Synthesis of derivatives of biological interest and drug metal complexes. Clinical evaluation of herbal medicine, Bioactivity and phytopharmaceutical evaluation of herb drugs and their natural products. Phytochemistry and Chemistry of Natural Products. Formulation preparation of new agents. PUBLICATIONS BOOKS Safila Naveed and […]

Dr. Shahla Tehseen

Assistant Professor

Research Publications Poverty in Pakistan: Problems, Causes & Solutions. “Publish in Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Volume 51 Part-I January-June 2012, Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi. Pakistan India Relations: with special reference to nuclear proliferation and terrorism: An overview. Publish in “wafaqiyan” research journal of social science (Federal Urdu University Arts, Science and […]

Dr. Safi Asim Bin Asif

Assistant Professor

Research Domain: Our research group has very broad research interests encompasses the Graphene technology and Nanotechnology. Our research projects are mainly focus on Electrochemical Biosensing and Chemical Sensing, fabrication of Solar Cells, Batteries and Electronics with Graphene, Graphene based Nanomaterials and Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants. Professional Memberships: Life member of The Chemical Society of Pakistan, […]

Dr. Lubna Abidi

Assistant Professor

Research Publications: F. Siddiqui, S. Naqvi,L. Abidi, S. Faizi, Lubna, L. Avesi, T. Mirza, and A. D. Farooq, Opuntia dillenii Cladode: Opuntiol and Opuntioside attenuated Cytokines and Eicosanoids Mediated Inflammation, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2016; 182: 221-234. F. Siddiqui, L. Abidi, Lubna, C. F. Poh, S. Naqvi, S. Faizi and A. D. Farooq, Analgesic Potential of […]

Dr. Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi

Research Publications Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi, Saifullah Khan, Nurul Kabir and Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar. Micropropagation of nucellar embryos and their histological comparative study for regeneration ability with the other explants of Kinnow Mandarin (Citrus reticulata blanco), 2017.(Accepted in “Pakistan journal of botany”). Ramsha Aqeel, Marium Zehra, Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi, Saifullah Khan, Hammad Afzal Kayani and Ameer […]


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