Dr. Nasreen Khan

Dr. Nasreen Khan

Assistant Professor

Research Publications:

  • Nasreen Khan, and Imtiaz Ahmad, 2017. Sound producing organs and male songs of Acanthogryllus brunneri (Saussure) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). (In progress)
  • Abid Hussain, Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmad. 2017. Impact of seasonal and geographical variation on the male call song structure of the common house cricket Acheta domesticus(L). Int. J. Biol. Biotech., (Accepted).
  • Rana Hadi, Bushra Khalil, Nasreen Khan, Farzana Ibrahim and Ammara Qureshi 2017. The prevalence of Blastocystis sp.in various animal hosts in captivity at Karachi Zoo. . FUUAST J. Biol, 7(1):113-116.
  • Nasreen Khan, and Imtiaz Ahmad, 2016. A new species of Acheta F., A. khanpurensis (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) with special reference to its tegmen and male genitalia from Kanpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Int. J. Biol. Biotech., 13 (4): 601-604.
  • Nasreen Khan and Syed Kamaluddin, 2016. Identification of Ground cricket (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Nemobiinae) with reference to their sound producing structure. FUUAST J. Biol, 6(2):231-236.
  • Imtiaz Ahmad and Nasreen Khan, 2015. The house cricket, Acheta domesticus (L.), (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) is re-described with special reference to its tegmen and male genitalia, from Pakistan. Pak. J. Entomol. Kar. 30(2): 101-104.
  • Nasreen Khan, Najm Us Sahar, and Farzana Ibrahim, 2015. Effects of biopesticide and synthetic pesticides to control the berry bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Pak. J. Entomol. Kar. 30(2): 105-112.
  • Nasreen Khan, Salma Ahmad and Farzana Ibrahim. 2015. Efficiency of Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin and extracts of Azadirachta indica against adults of Coleopteran invertebrate grain pests. Pak. J. Entomol. Kar. 30(1): 5-13.
  • Rukhsana Talat, Yasmeen Adul Qadir, Farzana Ibrahim and Nasreen Khan, 2015. Haematological variation in infectious status of school going children. Int. J. Biol. Biotech, 12(4): 617-620.
  • Farzana Ibrahim, Saadia Munir, Rahila Nazli, Nasreen Khan and Rukhsana Talat, 2015. Control of subterranean termites by Ethanolic leaf extract of plant Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) and compared with Dieldrin. Int. J. of Recent Scientific Research 6(1): 2502-2504.
  • Imtiaz Ahmad, and Nasreen Khan, 2014. Studies on the sound producing apparatus through electron microscope of the first Nemobiine species Speonemobius decolyi Chopard (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from Pakistan with exclusive sub familial characters. Int. J. Biol. Biotech,.1 (4): 717-720.
  • Imtiaz Ahmad and Nasreen Khan. 2014. Aspects of sound producing organs in grylline crickets with special reference to sciobia sp. (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) and their systematic status Int. J. Biol. Res., 2(1): 63-65.
  • Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmad, 2014. A study of the sound producing organs of sciobia sp. (Orthoptera: gryllidae). Int. J. Biol. Biotech., 11(1): 93-96.


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