Dr. Shabana Rashid

Dr. Shabana Rashid

Assistant Professor


Botanical society. University of Karachi.

List of Publications:

  • Shabana Askari, Nazneen Arif and Suad Naheed. 2017 b. Abolition of heavy metal mercury by low cost domestic organic wastes from the Phaseolus vulgaris. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry ; 6(4) Z: 1807-1811
  • Shabana Askari, Ayesha siddique and Maria Kaleem, 2017. Potato peel mediated improvement in organic substances of vigna mungo growing under copper stress. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry; 6 (4)T:1373-1378.
  • Shabana Askari and Rafia Azmat, 2016. Codium mediated anatomical improvement in Trigonella foenum-graecum shoot under mercury stress. Journal of Pharmacognosy and
    Phytochemistry; 5(2): 170-174.
  • Rafia Azmat And Shabana Askari. 2015. Improvement In The Bioenergetics System Of Plants Under Hg Stress Environment Via Seaweeds. Pak. J. Bot., 47(3): 851-858.
  • Shabana Askari and Rafia Azmt. 2013. Biosorption of Hg: II. Repairing of epidermal layer of leaves through nutrients of seaweeds in Hg distorted seedlings of Cicer arietinum. Pak. J. Bot., 45(5): 1721-1727.
  • Shabana Askari, Fahim uddin and Rafia Azmt. 2007. Biosorption of Hg ;1. Significant improvement with marine green algae in the anatomy of hypocotyls of Trigonelle foenum-graecum under Hg stress. Pak. J. Bot., 39 (4):1089-1096.
  • Rafia Azmat, Shabana Askari and Saba Haidar, 2006. Effect of toxic metal mercury on histomorphology of Cymopsis tetragonoloba . Asian journal of cell biology., 1(1): 34-39. USA
  • Rafai Azmat, Saba Hiader and Shabana Askari. 2006. Phytotoxocity of Lead: Effect of lead on germination, growth, morphology and histomprphology of Phaseolus mongo and lens culinaris. Pak. J. of biological sciences., 9(5): 979-984.
  • Afshan Zeshan Wasti, Saba Haider, Shabana Rashid, Naureen Fatima, Sumaira Iqbal, Afshan Ashiq and Erum Khalid. 2013. The biochemical profile of chronic Kidney disease patients. RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied Sciences, 4(1): 5-10.


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