Syed Muhammad Iqbal Azimuddin

Syed Muhammad Iqbal Azimuddin


Field Of Interest In Research:

  • Protein Chemistry
  • Homology Modeling of Proteins


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  • Khurshid, R., M. S. Akhtar, G. Ruby and M. I. Azeemudin (2001). “Nipple Discharge and Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.” International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 03(02): 195-196.
  • Javed, M. H., S. M. Azimuddin, A. N. Hussain, A. Ahmed and M. Ishaq (1997). “Purification and characterization of lactate dehydrogenase from Varanus liver.” Experimental and Molecular Medicine 29: 25-30. Impact Factor 5.164

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