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An Introduction:

A person has no purpose of Life because the religious belief the foundation of perception on which the intelligence of human mind is based. Therefore the life without Purpose like a boat without rudder.

The Department of Islamic Learning is one of the pioneer department which was established in the very beginning of Jinnah University For Women, In 1986 when the Jinnah College For Women was elevated to the post graduate College. The Islamic Learning department was among the four pioneer departments were education, Udru and Zoology. When this institution was charted as a University. The Head of the department Prof. Jamila Khanum was the one who got honor of being the first dean of Arts and Prof. Fareeda Sultana was selected a Chairperson.

These days Prof. Surayya Qamar is commanding the Carvan. All teachers of this department are enrolled for their M.Phil & Phd while Prof. Jamila Khanum and Bushra Tashurruf have completed their research work.



To see the pass out students of Jinnah University For Women applying Islamic Code of Life in their individual and practical Lives. Serving the cause of national Unity and contributing to built the Society according the Islamic Ideology in order to eliminate sectarianism and ignorance.

Being a Muslim it is our duty to improve Islamic Knowledge at the primary level to our children and make them to realize from their childhood that they are Muslims not by birth but by choice. They should think why are the worshiping the Almighty Allah and why are they following the ways of Islam. If one can get these answers and understand them can find the purpose and sprite of Life.

There Perception of Life widens and intellects brighten.

Even in the first revelation and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) it is explained clearly, “The Purpose of Human Life is to recognize and find the creator to know the goal of Life and to analyze and synthesize the knowledge as a whole”.

To achieve this highest of Life, the Educational Institutes are the best source for the acquisition of the Knowledge through the understanding and Comprehension of Quran and Sunnah.

It is very important to consider that material Knowledge only given us a high Status among the nations, whereas the Islamic Knowledge is the only source which elevates us both in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Keeping the above points in view the Faculty of Jinnah University For Women since the beginning has paid attention on the selection of the topics and Syllabus of Islamic Studies and that the reason why the numerous Students passing from the University had no difficulty in getting Jobs in different Educational Institutions.


Mission Statement:

To provide in depth knowledge, Knowledge of Islamic Science that include, Al Quran, Al Hadith, Al Fiqh, Seerat-un-Nabi, Islamic History, Islamic Culture and Civilization.

To create in them better comprehension of Islamic teaching along with information about Contemporary challenges being faced by the Muslim Ummah in the world. TO encourage them to become scholar and also train those who could confidently serve their knowledge in advance research activities, National and International Seminars.

To prepare Professional in the domain of Islamic Studies who can be potential candidates Post graduate and doctorate Level Studies. Make them capable of understanding and solving current contemporary Issues in the light of Islamic teaching and work for Uniting the Ummah.


Course outline

Scheme Of Course For M.A In Islamic Learning


Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ISL 5011 Quran Wa Uloom-ul-Quran 3 ISL 5022 Matan-e-Quran Wa Tarikh-e-Tafseer 3
ISL 5031 Hadith Wa Uloom-ul-Hadith 3 ISL 5042 Mata-e-Hadith WaTarikh-e-Hadith 3
ISL 5051  Seerat-e-NaBi (S.A.W.) 3 ISL 5062 Khilafat-e-Rashida 3
ISL 5071 Arabic Zaban-o-Adab 3 ISL 5082 Arabic Zaban-o-Adab 3
ISL 5091 Comparative Study of Religions-A 3 ISL 5102 Comparative Study of Religions-B 3


Code Subject Cr.Hr.
ISL 6011 Usool-e-Fiqh-A 3 ISL 6022 Usool-e-Fiqh-B 3
ISL 6031 Fiqh Wa Tarikh-e-Fiqh 3 ISL 6042 Matan-e-Fiqh 3
ISL 6051 Lughat-ul-Quran 3 ISL 6062 Lughat-ul-Quran 3
ISL 6071 Islami Iqtesadiat-A 3 ISL ISL 6082 Islami Iqtesadiat-B 3>
ISL 6091 Muslim World (An Introduction) 3 ISL 6102 Quran and Science 3
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