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Political  Science:

Science is always changing and developing, because new facts are discovered, new theories expounded and new thoughts developed. The same is also true of Political Science. Political Science is a vast subject of universal interest, with increasing importance. Political Science is a vast subject of universal interest, with increasing importance. It deals with a very wide field of human life of great complexity. The department of Political Science at Jinnah University for Women aims to give a brief but compact survey of this vast and varied knowledge. Political Science is becoming a popular subject in the colleges and universities of Pakistan. There are several excellent text- books on Political Science written by eminent scholars and writers. Political Science, as a subject of study, is developing at a very great pace both in theory and practice in the present times. Political Science is not just the study of politics or State. But it comprehend also the practical side of the State and politics, such as the problems of leadership, propaganda, theory of Welfare State, Imperialism, Political theory, pressure groups, world political systems etc. Political Science is a useful and realistic study.


Political Science At Jinnah University:

The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest teaching departments of the Jinnah University for Women. It has since then initiated programs for the award of research degrees of B.A, B.A (Hon), M.A. and B.S. in Political Science and its allied fields. The department is located in Block “A” near Anwar Sultana Auditorium. The Department of Political Science is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of politics in its theoretical and operational aspects.

The Department of Political Science has been playing an important role in the overall development of the University. It has been the mother of the Department of International Relations since the foundation of International Relations department has been laid in the department of Political Science. Moreover, the department of Pakistan Studies is merged with Political Science department, and is serving all the faculties and departments of the University. The Department has, since its inception, very qualified and competent persons in its faculty. Professor Badr uz Zaman Badar, Professor Dr. Hamid Mir, Professor Dr. Syed Adil Hussian, Professor Meher Un Nisa Ali and Dr. M. Abdullah Qadri have served the Department with distinction.


Teaching And Assessment:

Besides regular lectures delivered in both English and Urdu by the faculty the students participate in Seminars/ workshops and group discussions. Special lectures by visiting faculty are also attended by students compulsorily.



The B.S., M.A. and M.S. courses are designed to provide understanding of the major theories of Political Science and International Relations, nature and dynamics of the political process, political systems and foreign policy dynamics to sharpen analytical skills with the help of the requisite theory and the methodology to enable a student to understand the dynamics of the polity and its environment. The cultivation of such mind should enable a student to deal effectively with the complexities of the life regardless of the profession or occupation that he eventually adopts. The courses also help the students to better prepare for the competitive examinations of the federal and provincial civil services and the private sector.



Department of Political Science
5-C, Nazimabad no. 5,
Karachi – 74600.
Phone: 6620857-9 * 236
E-Mail: [email protected] Website:


Course outline




Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
POL 501 Foundation Western Political Philosophy I 3 POL 502 Foundation II Western Political Philosophy II 3
POL 503 Foundation Muslim Political Concepts Foundation 3 POL 504 Foundation Muslims Political Thinkers 3
POL 505 International Law I (Major) 3 POL 508 International Law II (Major) 3
POL 507 World Politics I (Major) 3 POL 506 World Politics (Major) 3
POL 509 Comparative Local Govt. I (Elective) 3 POL 510 Comparative Local Govt.II (Elective) 3


Code Subject Cr.Hr. Code Subject Cr.Hr.
POL (Major) Method of Study and Research 3
POL 605 (Major) Govt. & Politics in Pakistan 3 POL 606 Major Govt. & Politics in Pakistan 3
POL 603 (Major) History of International Relation Since 1945 3 POL 606 Major International & Regional Organization 3
POL 607 (Major) Theories of Comparative Govt. 3 POL 608 Major Comparative Political System (Turkey, Iran, Egypt) 3
POL 609 (Major) Plato Aristotle 3 POL 610 Major Hobbes Locks Rousseau 3
POL 601 (Elective) Diplomacy 3 POL 602 Foreign Policy of UK, USA 3

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