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Business administration is defined by the process of organizing a business ‘s people and resources in order to ensure that objectives are achieved. A bachelor’s degree in business Administration yields a core of knowledge including accounting , finance , economics, business law , ethics , marketing , organizational Behavior , strategic management and management information systems.The general study of a business program means that the student emerges with a board understanding and is viewed as a decision maker with good communication skills.A global vision of functional areas of business management to create and manage business ventures in public-and private sector context. Business Management narrows the focus from the beginning by stressing the business skills that make up an effective business leader.This includes the ability to implement change in a company , establish a consensus among key contributors and maintain a creative strategy for the business’s success.Management also covers these basic functions: staffing , directing and planning Organization , controlling.



A degree in Business Administration is one of the most in-demand degrees of all. Marketing sales , technology , education and upper level management positions all require skills in leadership, communications and computer technology which is involved in a business Administration education.

JUW , department of business administration serves its mission in the interest of its stakeholders continuously improving the quality of the stake holder dialogue. It adds value to the society by the graduates it offers to the national and global business communities.

JUW , department of business administration will make sure that its relationships to business schools, corporate communities stake holders of honesty and fairness , in readiness to combination of competition with mutual fruitful cooperation.

As a responsible corporate citizen the JUW ,DBA will make its contribution into the shapping of sustainable future of the Pakistani women and whole Pakistan.



For Business Administration graduates there is a wide range of choices and a large number of organizations to choose from after completing their education , organizations may include :industrial and commercial organizations, the financial sector i.e bank, insurance agencies , mutual funds , brokerage houses, premium funds etc. the public sector government & local authorities , small/medium sized business , other organizatios like NGOs , advertising agencies , MnCs, television channels , print media organization etc . And these are only a few out of a whole lot of range of organizations hiring business graduates , this is because a business graduate holds the knowledge of almost every aspact of business , be it sales , finance marketing , HR or ethics etc. Self employment may also provide an opportunity for graduates as they are taught how to manage small businesses and what are key points that should be considered while starting the business.


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MBA 1.5 3 Semesters & 2.5

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