Dr. Suad Naheed

Assistant Professor

Research Publications: Serum levels of leptin, zinc and tryptophan in obese subjects with sleep deficits. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., (4Suppl):1431-1438, 2017. Antimicrobial potentials of the leaves branches and peels of medicinal plants against various pathogenic microorganisms. FUUAST J. Biol. 7(1):19-22., 2017. Abolition of heavy metal mercury by low cost domestic organic wastes from the Phaseolus […]

Dr. Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi

Research Publications Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi, Saifullah Khan, Nurul Kabir and Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar. Micropropagation of nucellar embryos and their histological comparative study for regeneration ability with the other explants of Kinnow Mandarin (Citrus reticulata blanco), 2017.(Accepted in “Pakistan journal of botany”). Ramsha Aqeel, Marium Zehra, Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi, Saifullah Khan, Hammad Afzal Kayani and Ameer […]


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