Prof. Dr. Rubeena Saleem


Awards Fulbright Post-Doctorate Scholarship from Sept. 1998 to Aug. 1999. Publication of Biography in several editions of  “The Marquis Who’s Who”.   Publications Safety and toxicological evaluation of herbal formulation on rodents. Farzana Sadaf, Sumbul Shamim, Rubeena Saleem Navaid-ul-Zadar. Pakistan Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences (accepted). New aromatic hydroxy fatty acid esters from Moringa oleifera Rubeena Saleem,  […]

Dr. Imran Malik

Assistant Professor / Ph.D Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Rostock, Germany

Research Interests: Synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compounds by palladium catalyzed reactions. Synthesis of metal carbene complexes and their application in organic synthesis. Publications: “Efficient synthesis of functionalized 2,3-Di(alkenyl)benzothiophenes and Dibenzothiophenes based on the first Heck reactions of 2,3-Di- and 2,3,5 Tribromobenzothiophene”. Hussain, M.; Malik, I.; Langer, P. Synlett, 2009, 16, 2691-2695. (I.F = 2.718) […]

Dr. Najma Rasool Mughal

Assistant Professor

Area of Interests Natural Product Chemistry Synthetic Chemistry   Published papers S. Faizi, N.R. Mughal, R. A. Khan, S. A. Khan, A. Ahmad, N. Bibi and S. A. Ahmad. Evaluation of the antimicrobial property of Polyalthia longifolia var. pendula: Isolation of a lactone as the active antibacterial agent from the ethanol extract of the stem. […]

Dr. Uzma Hameed

Assistant Professor

Research Publications Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution on the surface of wool fiber and cotton fiber. A. Rasheed Khan, Hajira Tahir, Fahim Uddin and Uzma Hameed. Journal of Applied. Sciences and Environmental Management, 9( 2), 29-35 (2005). ISSN:1119-8362 Removal of fast green Dye (C.I. 42053) from an aqueous solution using, Azadirachta Indica leaves […]

Dr. Safi Asim Bin Asif

Assistant Professor

Research Domain: Our research group has very broad research interests encompasses the Graphene technology and Nanotechnology. Our research projects are mainly focus on Electrochemical Biosensing and Chemical Sensing, fabrication of Solar Cells, Batteries and Electronics with Graphene, Graphene based Nanomaterials and Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants. Professional Memberships: Life member of The Chemical Society of Pakistan, […]

Dr. Lubna Abidi

Assistant Professor

Research Publications: F. Siddiqui, S. Naqvi,L. Abidi, S. Faizi, Lubna, L. Avesi, T. Mirza, and A. D. Farooq, Opuntia dillenii Cladode: Opuntiol and Opuntioside attenuated Cytokines and Eicosanoids Mediated Inflammation, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2016; 182: 221-234. F. Siddiqui, L. Abidi, Lubna, C. F. Poh, S. Naqvi, S. Faizi and A. D. Farooq, Analgesic Potential of […]

Dr. Noshab Qamar

Associate Professor

PERSONAL PROFILE I was born in Multan. My early Education was in Karachi. I passed matriculation examination in 1994 and F.Sc. degree in 1996. I completed B.Sc in Chemistry and M.Sc in Inorganic Chemistry with first class positions in all examinations. I did Ph.D in the field of Chemistry in 2008, postdoctoral research in 2014 […]

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