The University Health Centre started working as a medical care unit in 1999 for students. Now it has a well equipped medical unit with extremely well trained and cooperative medical staff. The Health Centre right from its inception has been to provide comprehensive health care i.e. preventive, curative and promotive services under one roof to students only.


  1. Preserve life;
  2. Prevent illness or injury from becoming worse;
  3. Relieve pain, if possible;
  4. Promote recovery; and
  5. Protect the unconscious.


The University medical unit functions from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m on all working days from Monday to Saturday.


  • A number of health care facilities provided for immediate treatment given to someone suffering from an injury or illness like dizziness, burns or chemical burns and any other minor illness.
  • Measures are also taken to prevent hazard or hazards that could result in a serious and sudden injury or illness during conduction of laboratories that would require not only immediate first aid but also further assessment or treatment in an emergency.
  • All medicines and equipments needed to relieve from illnesses/injury are available for effective treatment.
  • The medical unit staff ensures that each patient should be treated at the earliest and when they leave the recovery room or medical unit they have been treated/cured.
  • The medical unit provides a clean, hygienic, friendly environment so that the patients recover as early as possible.