Department is to provide a comprehensive, relevant curriculum for the undergraduate/graduate level and producing knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers in academia, industry and government sectors. Department is continuously promoting the collegial exchange of ideas, independent thoughts, and the highest ethical standards. Diverse, dynamic, and innovative research programs offered in the department. Chemistry department have strong cross-disciplinary collaborations both within and outside the university. Many of the students go for training/internship in the reputable research institutes and industries so that they may act as mentors in different fields of life.


The vision of the department is to build foundation for excellence and timely development of the institution as a leading institution by encouragement enthusiasm, interests and obsession, in the study of chemistry in professional courses, as a part of curricula. The department wants to enhance our capability in order to develop as a world-class teaching and research institution and also prepares students for an assorted and changing world that make them able to strive to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching, laboratory work and research, scholarships and employment in different fields. It produces comprehensive knowledge aspirant and human individuals, capable of building a strong and developed nation.


The mission of Department of Chemistry is struggling hard to achieve the level of an internationally-recognized institution in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, where students are prepared to face the challenges of modern ever-demanding and technology-centered world. To that end, the department is committed to provide:

  • A comprehensive, relevant curriculum for the undergraduate level.
  • Producing knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers in academia, industry and government sectors.
  • Promoting the collegial exchange of ideas, independent thoughts, and the highest ethical standards.
  • Diverse, dynamic, and innovative research programs.
  • Strong cross-disciplinary collaborations both within and outside the university.
  • Training to students so that they may act as mentors in different field of life.


Chemistry department at JUW is a vibrant Chemical society which is actively organizing different seminars and co-curricular activities. This society helps chemistry students to interact their ideas and provides a platform for academic and co-curricular activities. A magazine “Passion” is also issued by the members of Chemical society.

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

As per notification from worthy Vice Chancellor Jinnah University for Women dated November, 19th 2021, Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for Department of Chemistry has been constructed. The responsibilities/functions of Board is to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry through Planning courses and workshops relevant to Industry, Involving faculty in Industry projects, Having discussion for work on Industry based final year projects (FYPs) and Industry collaboration for faculty research activities.

The honorable members of IAB are as follows:

Dr . Nargis Akhtar

Ex Head of Pepsi Co Worldwide Flavours, Concentrate Plant Hattar KPK, Pakistan.

Ex Deputy Manager Product Dev. GlaxoSmithkline, Karachi Pakistan. [email protected]

Phone # : 0302-8441910

Mr. Jamshed Amjad

Head of Research & Development - Pakistan Centralized Research & Development Department Beltexco Limited, Export Processing Zone, 18722, Karachi, Pakistan.

[email protected] Phone # : 03000 0402124

Mr. Muhammad Asif Iftikhar

Head of Plant

J.K.Dairies (Pvt) Limited, Sadiqabad, Pakistan.

[email protected] Phone # : 03008437067

Ms. Gohar Siddiqui

Quality Head

F/268 Site GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited. [email protected]


Mr. Khalid Latif

Optimum Advisory, 144C, Lane-1A, 3rd Floor

Al Murtaza Commercial DHA, Phase-8, Karachi-75500, Pakistan. E-mail : [email protected]

Phone # : 03002036137.

The industrial advisory board meeting was held on 02-04-2022 and above mentioned members was the part of the meeting and basic agenda to bridge the academia top the industry was discussed. In the light of the industrial advisory board meeting BOS agenda was made and discussed.


YEAR W- Category X-Category Y-Category
1999 2 1 1
2020 0 0 1
2021 5 0 0
2022 2 0 0
Total = 12


S. No. Faculty Name Publication Detail IF National /International W/X/Y Category
Year 2019
1 Prof. Rubeena Saleem Sadia Zikr-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Ali Versiani, Rubeena Saleem, Farzana Sadaf, Aisha Azmat, Mohammad Ahmad, Ahsana Dar, and ShaheenFaizi. Hypotensive and antioxidant constituents of stem wood of Bombax ceiba Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 55 (5), 939-941 (2019) 0.830 International Y-category
2 Dr. Lubna Abidi T. Roome, S.Aziz, A. Razzak, Z. Aslam, Lubna, K. S.Jamalie, B.Sikandar, T.Fatima, L. Abidi, M. Imran, S. Faizi, M. R.Shah, Opuntioside, opuntiol and its metallic nanoparticles attenuate adjuvant induced arthritis: Novel suppressors of Toll-like receptors -2 and -4, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2019, 112, 108624. 7.419 International W-category
3 Dr. Farzana Naz Muhammad Taha, Foziah J Alshamrani, Fazal Rahim, Shawkat Hayat, Hayat Ullah, Khalid Zaman, Syahrul Imran, Khalid Mohammed Khan, Farzana Naz. "Synthesis of Novel Triazinoindole-Based Thiourea Hybrid: A Study on α-Glucosidase Inhibitors and Their Molecular Docking". Molecules, vol. 24, no.21, pp. 3819 4.927 International W- Category
4 Dr. Maria Taj Muhammad, Maria Taj, and M. Nasiruddin Khan. "Comparative studies of natural and synthetic surfactants for dyes interactions at their second point of micellisation." Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 58.4 (2020): 473-482. 1.915 International X- Category
Year 2020
1 Dr. Farzana Naz Sumbul Ahmed, Shahnaz Perveen, Khalid Mohammed Khan, Farzana Naz, Rahat Azher Ali, Munazza Ajaz  and Samreen Shah, "Dithiin diisoimides: Synthesis and their antimicrobial studies,"Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 33(5), 2067-2081 0.87
National Y-  Category
2 Dr. Maria Taj Chandio, Tasawar Ali, M. Nasiruddin Khan, Maria Taj Muhammad, Ozcan Yalcinkaya, and Ahmet Furkan Kayis "Co-exposure of neurotoxic contaminants (Pb and Mn) in drinking water of Zhob District, Baluchistan Pakistan." Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management 14 (2020): 100328 (I.F 5.645) 5.645 International W-  Category
Year 2021
1 Dr. Lubna Abidi F. Siddiqui, A.D. Farooq, Mudassar, N. Kabir, N. Fatima L. Abidi, Lubna, S. Faizi Toxicological assessment of Opuntia dillenii (Ker Gawl.) Haw. cladode methanol extract, fractions and its alpha pyrones: Opuntiol and opuntioside, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2021, 280 114409. 5.195 International W-category
2 Dr. Saba Rauf “Selective and efficient extraction of cationic dyes from industrial effluents through polymer inclusion membrane”, M. A., Minhas, Rauf. A, Rauf. S, Minhas. F. T, Memon. N, Jabbar. A ,Bhanger. M. I.,,Malik. M. I., Separation and Purification Technology 272 (2021) 118883. 7.312
International W-  Category
3 Dr. Maria Taj Muhammad, Maria Taj, and M. Nasiruddin Khan. "Spectrophotometric investigation of surfactants mediated aqueous solubilization of Nile blue." Journal of Molecular Liquids 331 (2021: 115822. 6.633 International W-  Category
4 Dr. Maria Taj Chandio, Tasawar Ali, Mohammad Nasiruddin Khan, Maria Taj Muhammad, Ozcan Yalcinkaya, Eylem Turan, and Ahmet Furkan Kayis."Health risk assessment of chromium contamination in the nearby population of mining plants, situated at Balochistan, Pakistan." Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28.13 (2021): 16458-16469. 5.190 International W-  Category
5 Dr. Maria Taj Chandio, Tasawar Ali, Muhammad Nasiruddin Khan, Maria Taj Muhammad, Ozcan Yalcinkaya, Agha Arslan Wasim, and Ahmet Furkan Kayis "Fluoride and arsenic contamination in drinking water due to mining activities and its impact on local area population." Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28.2 (2021): 2355-2368. 5.190 International W-  Category
Year 2022
1 Dr. Shadiah Masood Geo-environmental approach to assess heavy metals around auto-
body refinishing shops using bio-monitors. J Zeb, H Tahir, A Othman,TM Habeebullah, A Sayqal, HM Assaggaf, S.S. Masood…Heliyon 8 (1, 2022.
3.776 International W-  Category
2 Dr. Shadiah Masood Huiju Lin, Sachi Taniyasu, Nobuyoshi Yamashita, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Saiyada Shadiah Masood, Sumayya Saied, Haider Abbas Khwaja Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the atmospheric total suspended particles in Karachi, Pakistan: Profiles, potential sources, and daily intake estimates, Chemosphere, 288, 2022, 8.943 International W-  Category



    As the central subject, Chemistry provides an excellent opportunity for the development of students' critical faculties and intellect, and also instills a variety of important transferable skills that will serve her well what so ever be her subsequent choice of career.

    Chemistry is applied in many fields including

    • Agriculture
    • Astronomy
    • Animal Science
    • Geology, Medicines
    • Material Sciences
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Molecular Biology + Food Science

    A new avenue for chemistry opens up every day as the world moves ahead, and hence the career openings. Career opportunities in all spheres of life are thus available to chemistry graduates.