This department has a vision to see the female graduates to draw a wide range of intellectual resources, theoretical prospective and academic disciplines, to provide an in depth understanding among the students by sharing latest teaching skills and methodologies in order to enhance their experiences to impart knowledge at par with the international standards.


  • To provide students with an understanding to study the foundation of Education, Educational policies, process and practices.
  • To develop students ability, attitude and the competencies essential to play their role in the field of Teaching.
  • To develop effective teaching communication skills so that they can communicate and pass on the knowledge and subject matter in teaching learning process.
  • To emphasize the formal professional training on extraneous basis for becoming a seasoned teacher.
  • To plan and conduct their teaching in accordance with sound pedagogical principles of Evaluation.
  • The students are urged to understanding the contemporary issues in the society and engage themselves in research work leading to M.Phil. /PhD.


  1. F.A/F.Sc/ A-level or equivalent with minimum 2nd Division.
  2. F.A/F.Sc/ A-level or equivalent with school subjects.