Education department is chiefly working on strengthening the mission of Jinnah University of ‘Women Empowerment’. We are looking forward for future placement of our students as researchers, administrators, managers, policy makers and teachers in public and private sector. We believe in creating linkages with community and industry to facilitate our students in future as well as to serve for social progress and development.


To impart education to meet the national and international standards.


To draw a wide range of intellectual resources, theoretical prospective and academic disciplines, to provide an in depth understanding among the students by sharing latest teaching skills and methodologies in order to enhance their experiences at par with the international standards.

To provide students educational facilities with an understanding to study the foundation disciplines of education- philosophy, psychology history, and sociology and make them capable to appreciate their contribution to the understanding of educational policies ,process and practice of education. To provide them help to deal with fundamental questions concerning the aims and values of education and their impact on society, and to develop expertise within this field. The students aim to understand the contemporary issues in the society and engage themselves in research work leading to M.Phil./PhD.

Research Publications

Total number of publications by the department faculty and students National Conference/International Conference HEC Recognized Publications Journal recognition source
Prof.Dr.Farida Azeem Lodhi 5 20+ HJRS
Prof.Dr. Hamida Zafar 5 09 HJRS
Prof.Dr Anila Fatima Shakil 14 15 HJRS
Dr Rabia Abdul Karim 14 11 HJRS
Ms Farida Saeed 4 HJRS
MS Tabassum Azra Siddiqui 2 04 HJRS
Ms Saba Naz 2 01 HJRS
Ms Shazia Inatat Ali 2 07, 03 articles HJRS
Ms .Sabika Alisher 5 1

Conference/ Seminars/Workshops/Symposium

Seminars/Workshops/Symposium Faculty Date Attendant
Social survey conducted on female hygiene Ms. Farida Saeed 6th November 2019 200 students and 20 teachers.
Mental Health Organized Dept.of Education 15th Nov 2019 150 students 25 Teachers
Educational, Social and Behavioral Grooming Techniques Dept.of Education 15th Nov 2019 150 students 30 Teachers
Qualitative and quantitative approaches in research MS. Saba and MS.Shazia on 20th Feb, 2020 35 faculty members+ 20 Students
Education and Covid – 19 Ms.Shazia Inayat
and Miss Hadia
11 Nov 2020 40+80
The Art of Teaching Science Ms. Shazia Inayat Ali. 24-11-21 80+
Webinar on Action Research Dr. Rabia 15th Oct 2021 80
Workshop on ICT integration in Education Dept.of Education 31st March 2022 school teachers and principals of 16 schools+students of B.ED +Faculty
Workshop on Communication Skills Dept.of Education 1st April 2022 school teachers and principals of 16 schools+students of B.ED +Faculty
Blooms Taxonomy Training Dr.Rabia Karim & Ms Shazia Inayat 14th ,17th &18th June 2019 Sc faculty and Business, social sc and FST Pharmacy
Educational, Social and Behavioral Grooming Techniques Dept.of education 15th Nov 2019 Faculty of Social sciences
SPSS workshop and training MS. Shazia Inayat 14,15 ,16, March 2022 Faculty of social science and science
Workshop on ICT integration in Education Dept.of education 31st March 2022 school teachers and principals of 16 schools.
Communication Skills Dept.of education 1st April 2022 school teachers and principals of 16 schools

Notable Alumni – List at least 20 alumni working in reputable organizations

S. No Name Designation/Organizations
1 Dr. Hameeda Zafar (Prof. JUW)
2 Ms Farida Saeed (Assistant. Prof. JUW)
3 Dr. Anila Fatima (Prof. JUW)
4 Dr. Rabia Abdul Karim (Associate. Prof. JUW)
5 Dr. Waqar-un-Nisa (Assoc. Prof. Islamia University Peshawar)
6 Dr. Rizwana (Prof. Karachi University)
7 Dr. Sajida Noureen (Prof. Balochistan University)
8 MS. Shazia Inayat (Lecturer JUW)
9 MS. Sadia Saleem (Assistant Lecturer JUW)
10 Ayesha Siddiqui (Co-operative Lecturer KU)
11 MS. Aziz-un-Nisa (Assistant. Prof. Karachi University)
12 MS. Maria Binte Bashir (Direction School, As a Subject Researcher)
13 MS. Arooba Zahid (Direction School, As a Subject Researcher)
14 MS. Maryam Aqeel (Lecturer in IOBM)
15 Nadia Khurram Zafar (Section Head, Quaid-e-Azam Rangers school & college)
16 Shahna Sharif Lecturer at Sir Syed Govt. college
17 Neha Yahya (Teacher at Quaid-e-Azam Rangers school &college)
18 Adeela (Teacher at the Learning Nest)
19 Aisha Habib (ICT teacher in the academy)
20 Fatima Atiq (Naz sec. school as Administrative personnel)
21 Fouzia Alam (Research Officer Agha Khan Hospital)
22 Ghazala Khan (Senior ECD Officer .Agha Khan Education Service (AKSEP) )
23 Safia Latif (Principal of Education college Shah Faisal Colony)
24 Fariha Arif (Vice Principal Al-Badar Secondary School)
25 Dolina babar (Principal in Missionary school)

Photographs of departmental Labs /activities

Teaching practice:

Co-curricular Activities

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