Chancellor's Message


Education has been unanimously regarded as the key factor in the development of personality of an individual, as well as that of a society and a nation. Any efforts put in education consequently lead to formidable behavioral changes. The first gift given to humanity by its creator, when first human being was created, was knowledge. Similarly Islamic religion tradition began with the command from the creator to read, contemplate and produce knowledge in order to serve the humanity.

In this regard my father Al-Haj Moulvi Reyazuddin Ahmed (T.I) a visionary personality and devoted to the cause of extending Educational facilities to all needy especially the girls. To achieve the goals, he established Anjuman-e-Islamia Trust under which 17 educational institutions for boys & girls were established in Karachi.

Since inception in 1998 the University is working on no profit no loss basis providing standard and quality education and research facilities. The girls with family binding of co-education and cost get admitted to this institution. Allah has bestowed on us His blessings to strive for this remarkable cause of disseminating knowledge and wisdom without any self motive, financial benefits and promotions.

"In recognition of the meritorious work in the field of education especially for women folk, the President of Pakistan has conferred upon Tamgha-e-Imtiaz this year to my father"

Graduating from Jinnah University for Women means growing curiosity, innovation, creativity and excellence. For we not only emphasize on critical thinking and intellectual analysis but also nurture academic excellence, promote social inclusiveness, foster a sense of civility, protect academic freedom, cultivate individual integrity, instill academic honesty, advocate accountability, encourage ethical standards, allow enriching learning opportunities and try to direct you to a gratifying career by teaching you to live by example. Our students enter the outside world not only as competent and talented professionals but also as humble and cultured citizens. They are the role-models that others may want to follow.

I wish success to all the new entrants and hope that they will make the best use of the time that they spend here and of the facilities provided to them.

Wajeehuddin Ahmed,
Jinnah University for Women, Karachi