Pharmacists are the only health-care professionals with a unique knowledge of medicines starting from manufacture to their use in patients. Our mission is to offer excellent educational opportunities to undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and doctoral fellows alike. The quality of our Pharm-D program is demonstrated by the success of past graduate students. Graduates of our program currently have faculty positions at other universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other organizations.

Research in the Department is currently focused on interdisciplinary approaches with a particular emphasis in phytopharmacology, where a focus is placed on the determination of biological activity of traditional herbal remedies in order to identify compounds with pharmacological activity, which can be developed as new agents in treatment of diseases.

In future we will engage in targeting specific processes that we know are involved in disease, developing treatments for an individual rather than treating every patient in the same way and never knowing who will or will not benefit. Our objective would be to improve ways to deal with those diseases continue to plague us.

We are proud of our role in the training of high-quality students which has an impact on science and technology as well as health care in our country.


Faculty of Pharmacy in general and the Department of Pharmacology in particular has a vision to develop it into a leading professional institute recognized by its quality pharmacy education, innovative research and service to society and profession. This vision is to prepare the graduate and postgraduate students in all aspects of Pharmacology specially therapeutics, physiology, pathology, drug monitoring and toxicology to help them in achieving their success in professional career. The vision is also to help students in developing a thorough scientific attitude so that they can serve this profession in the best possible way and to the best of their abilities.

Department is committed to provide competent environment for both faculty and students to excel learning. Research in pharmacology provides varied opportunities for study and research with emphasis on evidence based study to explore novel, safe and effective medical therapies.  Department is well aware about the needs and expectations of health care sector, for that purpose department is focused in collaboration with hospitals and other center of excellence.

The program will strive to develop a capacity for innovation and a passion for lifelong learning. The program will inculcate among students a strong sense of civic, professional and ethical responsibility for the appropriate use of medications, devices, and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. It will help students to enhance their ability in oral and written communication, and their adaptability to team environments. Moreover, it will focus on imparting the knowledge and training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concept with application, and problem with solution.  It will prepare them to apply ably principles, practices, and processes to design, develop, deploy, and maintain drugs and instruments.


“The objectives are to provide a dynamic and diverse academic environment that promotes innovative, ground-breaking research in basic and clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology, promotes strong evidence-based teaching and training for our students in all aspects related to Pharmacology.”

Research Publications

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