The term “commerce” referred specifically to trade, but it has come to encompass all of” Business”. The study of commerce focuses on understanding the economic environment and on managing different types of business activities

The education of Commerce highly suits the girls who wish to adopt fruitful career. With this aim the Department of Commerce was incorporated in the academic year 2000. Initially two year degree program was started which was converted into three years honors degree program in the year 2005 to meet the business challenges.

In academic year 2007 the department of commerce introduced four year BS program and two year M.Com degree programs. The Department of Commerce has expanded in all directions with well qualified full time and visiting faculty, well managed library with the latest editions of books and well equipped computer lab. The Department of Commerce conduct series of Seminars, Workshops, guest Speaker Sessions and arrange Internships. These activities serve to prepare students for the Business World. In Academic year 2016 the Department of Commerce introduce two years Associate Degree Program.

Field of Specialization for BS program

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HRM
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting & Finance

Finance: Finance is concerned with the ways individuals, Business and Institutions raise funds to implement investment strategies, and how they allocate these funds to a variety of Investment opportunities, allowing for the time between investment and the future payoff and the risk attached to these payoffs.

Marketing: Marketing is based on the knowledge of the needs and wants of consumer or customers. Marketers develop research methodologies to obtain this knowledge and use it to contribute to the development of product and services, manage the channels through which they are distributed and develop the positioning and communications strategies used to promote them.

HRM: Human Resource Management focuses on recruitment of staff management and non-management providing directions for the people who work in the organization.

Entrepreneurship: In today’s dynamic Economic conditions entrepreneurial Education is getting more importance & emerging field of study. Entrepreneurship and small business serves as a source of self-employment also. By realizing the fact the Department of Commerce offers entrepreneurship as a field of specialization.

Though we do not offer Accounting as a field of specialization but we have accounting as a core subject in every semester that’s why a commerce graduate have competitive advantage over other business graduates , while recruiters considers them as equivalent to other professional accounting degrees.


To Prepare Females for the Entrepreneurship, Brilliance & Accomplishment by Transforming Our Students into Dynamic Professionals with the Global Sphere of Commerce & Industry.


We Develop the Professional and Management Competencies, Our Female Graduates Are Trained With the Professional Services in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, With the Blend of Professional Qualifications and Academic Degree.


Our objective for the studies and practical knowledge for the students are:

  • Students will work in financial markets
  • Maximum Output with Minimum Utilization of Resources
  • Leading & Managing functions in all business organizations
  • Complete real-time projects for a national, international, government & nonprofit entity.
  • Develop research and strategies and develop products (entrepreneurship)
  • Understanding of all management functions and developing a sense of “the big picture”

Our Emphasis

Commerce graduates will be trained to work in Business, Government & Non Profit Organizations

These students can excel their skills in the below mentioned areas:

  • Dealing and trading in financial market.
  • Banking and Investments
  • Accounting, Auditing & Management Consultancy
  • Economic Analysis & Forecasting
  • Evaluating Financial Risk Analysis
  • Managing all organization functions in the field of Human Resource, Accounting, Finance, Logistics, Marketing


1 Professor. Dr. Dilshad Zafar Dean Business Admin, Commerce & Economics
2. Ms. Faiza Qamar Chairperson, Department of Commerce
3. Mr. Mukesh Kumar SMEDA Chief Sindh
4. Mr. Naveed Alam GM and Head of Finance, Thal Engineering
5 Mr. Khurram Ansar CFO, GENiX Pharma Ltd.
6 Mr. M. Sajid Asistant Professor,  Department of Commerce
7 Ms. Nudrat Waheed Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
8 Ms. Mehwish Lecturer, Department of Commerce
9. Ms. Mehar Lecturer, Department of Commerce

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting-2022

Visit of Karachi Stock Exchange (Students of Department of Commerce & Faculty Members)

MOU signing ceremony with PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange)

Visit of NCCPL (National Clearing Company of Pakistan)

Workshop on Capital Markets (Facilitated by NCCPL , Venue : Jinnah University for Women)

Visit of State Bank of Pakistan

A Visit of Pak Denim ( Textile Mills)

A Glimps of Convocation

CSR Activities of Department of Commerce

Career Counselling Sessions at Different Schools. (Vounteers :Students of Dept. of Commerce)

Donation of White Boards to Deserving Schools

Plantation Activity Performed by the Students and The Faculty  in Collaboratin with a Government School

Culture Show (Participation of Students, Department of Commerce)

Flood Donation Drive 2022

Winners of Sports Week, Faculty of Business Admin, Commerce & Economics