The study of Zoology is a fascinating venture. It is the Mother Science that has given rise to all other branches of Life Science. It provides astounding knowledge of Animal Diversity, Physiology, Genetics, Anatomy of Animals found in diversified places around the world such as Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Marine, Coastal areas, and Mountainous areas, Islands to laboratory work including all Modern techniques of Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Nanotechnology through working in Agricultural fields.

The Department offers research at all Zoology subfields including Wildlife, Ecology, Genetics, Haematology, Molecular Biology, Agricultural Entomology, Bionics, Embryology, Ethology, Helminthology, Pathology,Parasitology, Zoometry, Ornithology, etc. The Department advances students for their professional careers by providing internships, workshops and job opportunities in different public and private sectors while providing invaluable experience and professional connections in their field.

The Basic objectives of Zoology are as follows;

  1. To impart knowledge about the major disciplines of Zoology. It enables the students to understand the principles of organizations and inter-relationships in the physiology with particular reference to animal diversity.
  2. To teach the different techniques of exploration, investigation, research; organization of data and its utilization in Experimentation.
  3. To aware the students about advancement in studies and specialization on recently emerging technological and multidisciplinary fields. After completion the studies students are able to apply their knowledge to their respective fields effectively.
  4. To equip students with knowledge and skills for better planning and management of animal resources, environment, health, medicine and agriculture in the country.
  5. To develop the scientific culture and enhance professional skills in teaching, research and managerial positions in wide range of professions in national and international organizations.
  6. After obtaining the degrees in Zoology, the graduates able to get jobs in wide range of professions including; positions in various government and non-government organizations; teaching and research; administration and management; forestry; Marine department; pharmaceutical industry; Pathological Labs; agriculture sectors; biological control program; integrated pest management; poultry; wildlife; aquaculture; fisheries, livestock and other strategic areas.
  7. At present in Zoology Department, run the different fields of specialization including Applied Zoology and Fisheries and Aquaculture, Laboratory sciences and Techniques, Marine Zoology and Entomology with well equipped laboratories.
  8. The mission and vision of Zoology Department harmonized with the vision of Jinnah University for Women for increasing the professional skills and innovative standards of women education in Pakistan.


  • The Study of Zoology is a fascinating endeavor that provides basic knowledge of the diversity, structure and function of animals.
  • The students of Zoology are exposed to new technologies, and approaches including bioinformatics, remote, digital image analysis and microscopic and physiological tools. This experience complements more traditional research methodologies; such as the collection and observation of animals in the wild.
  • In formulating the MS/M.phil and Ph.D programs, the faculty guides by several principles. The program should help each student in the development of invidualized program based on the student’s background and interest. Research should form the core of each student training. The student should be evaluated in terms of those competencies that are important to a researcher: designing, conducting and evaluating of both their own and that of others.


  • Zoological studies can be a route to careers and further education in fields ranging from environmental science to biomedical research.
  • Zoology is a vibrant and growing discipline with substantial relevance for modern society. It can help develop strategies to reduce and cope with pollution, strive for renewable resources, deal with environmental changes, and discover new biologically based solution to human/animal diseases and develop biopharmaceuticals.
  • To build concept of life exist and extinct on earth.

Events Gallery

Training on Aflatoxin Biocontrol on 6th October 2022

Field Trip at Sakran Balochistan

Webinar on to Highlight Key Aspects of our Recently Initiated Projects on Abandoned, Lost or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gears (Aldfg) in Pakistan

Visit to Zoological Garden on 3rd March 2021

Visit at Organic Fertilizer Farm

Celebration of World’s Animal Day


  1. Biochemistry - Microbiology
  2. Biochemistry - Chemistry
  3. Biochemistry - Botany


  1. Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) LOI
  2. The Wildlife Experience centre (TWEC)
  3. The Zoological Garden
  4. WorldWide Fund (WWF)
  5. Fish Farm A-Puri Group

Student Societies Department of Zoology

JUW Zoological Society

Chairperson: Prof.Dr.Rana Hadi
Head of Society: Ms. Dania Aeema Feroze

The Zoological Society Network’s goal is raise awareness for animal life, environment protection and those working to save wildlife and their habitat from extinction in Pakistan. Society also organizes events related to our mission, create educational materials, trips, and inspire people around the world to love nature and its parts. Students are drawn to the wildlife sciences due to their passion for animals and nature.

Our emphasis is the evaluation of the existing training facilities in the Department and formulation of training programs for building up highly skilled scientific and technical empowerment of students, Designing programs to strengthen the scientific research for institute and Strengthening of scientific cooperation through institutional linkages, exchange of scientists and holding of collaborative seminars and conferences on major science and technology issues.

Our Slogan of Society:
“A World Where Community and Nature Flourish”

Marine Biological Society

Chairperson: Prof.Dr.Rana Hadi
Head of Society: Ms. Hina Moin

The basic aim of this Society is to promote general public awareness, education and mobilize activity citizenship about the challenges and gain their commitment as a support to work towards better practices to protect our marine ecosystem. Further, the goal of this society is to promote the awareness among the community about the challenges associated with marine pollution, its effects on marine ecosystem, environment and human health by delivering and exchanging the current information on the related topics through different researches, conferences and establishing social networks.

Our Slogan of Society:
Our Ocean, Our Future!

Community Welfare Society

Chairperson: Prof.Dr.Rana Hadi
Head of Society: Ms.Mary Mehwish

The community welfare society will enhance the skills of students and support the needy people of society.

This society priority is to provide the best facility for the needy and poor people of our society. Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.

Our Slogan of Society!
We rise by lifting others!

Entrepreneur Society (JUW Zoology)

Chairperson: Prof.Dr.Rana Hadi
Head of Society: Ms. Rabail Sultana

Entrepreneurship education provides a comprehensive learning management for student entrepreneurs, helping them to establish correct values and cognitive systems, enhance their perceptions of innovation and continuously integrate, and accumulate new knowledge to shape their innovative ability and personality

Our Slogan of Society!
“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”


Plantation Activity

Habitat Restoration Activity

Ramzan Drive (Fresh Stationary For Needy Students)

Ramzan Drive

Hand pump in village Kaloi Paro Tharparkar

Balochistan Drive for Flood Relief

Career oppurtunities for Zoologists are:

  • Agricultural Zoologist
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Pest management and Pest Control
  • Naturalist
  • Museum Curators
  • Zoological survey
  • Pathological labs
  • Wildlife conservation and Management
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Veterinarians
  • Toxicologist
  • Taxonomist
  • Entomologist
  • Parasitologist


  • Fisheries and Aquaculture,
  • Marine Zoology
  • Entomology
  • Laboratory Science and techniques
  • Applied Zoology


Zoologists have job opportunities in the different institutes and departments like

  • Zoological gardens
  • Veterinary practices and medicines;
  • Forensic science;
  • Medical research;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture;
  • Chemical industry research;
  • Teaching in Universities and Colleges;
  • Pest control and agriculture;
  • Zoological Museums,
  • Medicine and Health Organizations,
  • Research Institutions,
  • Testing Laboratories,
  • Pharmaceutical Companies,
  • PCSIR labs.
  • WWF, IUCN, MFD etc.