Message of the Chairperson

On behalf of all our faculty, staff, and students, welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women

As dean of the Faculty, I am tremendously proud of our institution's strong history of offering practical, experience-based Pharmacy education since its inception.

Our Bachelor’s, M.Phil. and PhD programs educate students to be leaders with the moral depth and intellectual consistency required to face the challenges of a crucial Health transformation. Our faculty is a group of committed researchers and educators whose work pushes the limits of our knowledge and creativity, and whose instruction prepares students for a variety of lifelong learning.

Our graduate students and faculty are interested in learning about the fundamental core health concepts, as well as synthetic and collaborative interdisciplinary methods to tackling Health related big issues. Internships, research opportunities, cross-disciplinary integration, and, most importantly, outstanding and inspirational teaching prepare our undergraduate students for leadership roles in the pharmaceutical sector.

I would like to cordially invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore the faculty.


Department of Pharmacy Practice aims to serve as a leader of transformational change in Pharmacy Practice through excellence in education, patient care and research in the discipline. The Department of Pharmacy Practice is the division of the highly collaborative and interdisciplinary Faculty of Pharmacy. Pharmacy Practice is a discipline with an unconventional focus on developing professional roles of pharmacists with the extensive goal of health care optimization.

Department is committed to provide competent environment for both faculty and students to excel learning. Research in pharmacy practice provides varied opportunities for study and research with emphasis on evidence based study to raise the health care standards and resources recruitment for the future growth in novel disciplines of pharmaceutical care services. Department is well aware about the needs and expectations of health care sector, for that purpose department is focused in collaboration with industry and other center of excellence.

The modern era demands implication of knowledge and expertise in newer areas of advanced clinical pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, ambulatory care, nutrition support, drug information, critical care, social and administrative sciences and regulatory affairs. The programme will also strive to develop a capacity for innovation and a passion for lifelong learning. The programme will inculcate among students a strong sense of civic, professional and ethical responsibility for the appropriate use of medications, devices, and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

It will help students to enhance their ability in oral and written communication, and their adaptability to team environments. Moreover, it will focus on imparting the knowledge and training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concept with application, and problem with solution.  It will prepare them to apply ably principles, practices, and processes to design, develop, deploy, and maintain drugs and instruments.


“Department of Pharmacy Practice focuses on training professionals through application of evidence-based approaches to practice that will optimize medication use across all health care settings along with innovation and leadership in pharmacy education, clinical practice and research. It will help to serve society as the professional responsible for the appropriate use of medications, devices, and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.”

Research Publications

Total number of publications by the in Last 5 years include publications that are available online with DOIs National Conference International Conference HEC Recognized Journal HEC recognized Impact Factor Journals
Department of Pharmacy Practice 01 02 88 70

Board of Studies

S.No. List of Members of BOS Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Safila Naveed Dean Faculty of Pharmacy JUW
2 Ms. Saima Saleem Assistant Professor
3 Ms. Quratul Ain Waseem Assistant Professor
4 Ms. Halima Sadia Lecturer
5 Ms. Qudsia Basri Lecturer
6 Ms. Sobia Kamran Lecturer
7 Dr. Sofia Ahmed Chairperson
Department of Pharmaceutics
Baqai Institute of PharmaceuticalSciences, Baqai Medical University
8 Dr.Sadia Shakeel Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Dow University of Health Sciences
9 Dr.Hina Rehman, Chairperson
Department of Pharmacy Practice, JSMU