BEMS (Bachelor of eastern medicine and surgery) is the five-year degree of research-based Tibb /medicine after F.Sc (pre-medical) recognized by HEC (Higher education commission). After completion of the degree, a one-year house job / clinical training/internship in government hospitals is an integral part of this degree. In this degree, all subjects of MBBS/MD are included and other subjects of natural medicines like Philosophy of eastern medicines (treatment with diet, treatment with medicine, Treatment with surgery and regimental therapies) Pharmacognosy (study of medicinal plants, Animals and Minerals), Pharmacy (study of pharmaceutical preparation, dosage form, quality control, analysis, biotechnology of drugs and standardization of natural medicines of plants, animals and minerals origins) Materia Medica (the bioactive natural ingredient of natural sources like an animal, plants, and minerals affecting the different systems of the body for curative and preventive actions) and role of bioinformatics in the advancement of the medical field.


The Department of Eastern Medicine and Surgery aims to impart quality education and develop new trends of research to play an effective part in the development of professionals for achieving excellence in their respective fields. Our focus is on deep practical knowledge, leadership, interpersonal skills, and dealing with the challenges of the emerging world.

Program Objectives

The objectives of BEMS are as follows:

  1. To bring out the graduates to enable them to acquire methods of treatments and well aware of the latest technologies and modern therapeutics. So that prepare well-trained Doctors of Natural medicine to provide standard health care services to the community and promote these above natural medicines.
  2. To enable the graduates to plan and execute research programs aimed at solving the health problems of the country.
  3. BEMS graduates should be able to demonstrate their professional responsibilities to the best interest of the patients exercising preventive, curative and promotive medicine.

To evaluate the science behind Eastern Medicine. skilled and sound knowledge of Eastern medicine (medicinal substance and the bioactive compound which is present naturally in plant, animal, sea sours and minerals, base on the latest technology and Modern method to combat disease and become capable of meeting future challenges in a wide variety of health careers. Natural medicine currently using in all over the world many bioactive ingredients/pharmacological active compounds are used world widely. E.g.). From plants, (ephedrine from Ephedra valgaris, Digoxin from Digitalis purpurea, Atropine from Atropa belladonna, and colchicine from Colchicum autumnale). Hormones and enzymes are obtained from animals and also minerals are an important source of medicines. and cancer drugs vinblastine, vincristine derive from vinka alkaloid plant, paclitaxel from taxol plant, analgesics morphinopoids drugs, muscle relaxant agent curer plant, atropine derive from Atropa belladonna plant anti-inflammatory agents serratiopeptidase enzyme, etc.