The promotion of inquisitive, independent, tolerant and honest intellectual minds and ability to comprehend and critically analyze the increasingly globalized world with respect for all of its diversities.


The mission of the department of International Relations is to contribute in the field of knowledge and research related to global affairs. Various courses are offered by the department to equip the students in the field of diplomacy and policy making. We strive to make students know about politics and interstate relations. In this regard special focus is given on the communication and writing skills of students and their ability to analyze the changing events in International Relations.

Achievements of the Department

The Department of International Relations has been actively participating activities in and outside of the department.

Departmental Activities

Seminar on Russo-Ukrainian War March 2022.
Women’s Day Celebration March 2022
Environmental Campaign at Lincoln Corners, September 2022
World Peace Day Seminar at JUW, September 2022
Women's as Peace Leaders Seminar at Lincoln Corner
Research Display at Expo, May, 2022
Javeria Hashmi of BS IV participated in Youth MUN conducted in Turkey.
Students are engaged in internships at Lincoln Corner.
Participated in Model United Nations Conferences.
Internships at multiple organizations such as WWF.
Annual Seminars organized.
Class sessions on curent social and political issues.

Notable Alumni

Name of Alumni Industry
Dua Shariq Academics (TBA)
Areeba Iqbal Aviation (AirSial)
Samrah Siraj Marketing (Stile)
Maria Ilyas Academics (JUW)
Muniba Jahangir Academics (JUW)
Eraj Saleem Academics (JUW)
Kainat Saif Academics (JUW)
Tabinda Sabah Academics (UoK)
Palwasah Media
Rabia Shoukat Academics (UoK)
Yusra Saleem Academics (IUUS)
Syeda Rabia. Marketing (Roots Organic)