The Department started functioning from the very first day of the inauguration of this University in 1999. We feel proud to say that the Department has been progressing from year to year to attain newer heights. Recent graduates of our department have successfully entered the fields of communication, media, fine arts, government, law, armed forces, corporate management, social services and academia; and playing a significant role in society. 

The endeavour of the Department is to prepare students of B.S English to acquire confidence and independence with ability to reflect critically and become useful and creative citizens of the country. Also to inculcate in them a spirit of understanding, tolerance and respect for other cultures, faiths and lifestyles; and to make them aware of the different varieties of Englishes used now a days. It will also help the students to know the basics of English Language and its proper use. These are effectively achieved by studying, analysing and reflecting in a critical and positive manner. 

We have learned and well qualified Faculty with 2 Ph.D enrolled Faculty Members, 7 Faculty Members with MS in Linguistics, 7 Faculty Members with BS / MA Linguistics / Literature. We provide platform to the creative students of the department in the form of seminars, debates, quizzes, writing competitions and literacy days. 

We believe in hard work, honesty and consistency. 

Chairperson: Ms Samreen Humayun.


The vision of the English is to provide the students with the spirit of linguistics and literature fields and to enhance their mental capabilities in understanding with the writers of English Literature.


  • The mission of Jinnah University for Women is to enlighten academic and professional education, skills and ethical values for women education. It is done through technological innovation and research based knowledge, to become nationally competitive and internationally recognized University and to bring in prosperity in the individual’s life generally and the society particularly.
  • We develop both professionalism and educational competencies. Our female graduates are trained with professional services in Literature and Linguistics with a blend of professional qualification and academic degree.