• Department of Economics has been working since 1986. Women the back bone of the society, play a leading role in the development of the country.
  • Department of Economics providing women a platform where they can make their name among the glittering starts of the society


To provide education in such a way that enables students to get the knowledge about management of wealth for the best results in terms of human welfare and development in a wide variety of socio-cultural aspects . Also provide a platform for practical opportunities to participate enthusiastically among national and international communities and fulfill the needs of professional education to establish career.


  • To understand the current scenario to overcome the problems related with future.
  • Evaluate and forecast the economic changes in world.
  • Deal with efficient use of economic resources of nation.
  • Utilize their knowledge to build the society in a best manner.
  • To get comparative advantage in terms of offering courses to retain high quality .