Prof. Dr. Humera Khatoon

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy


Faculty of Pharmacy was established in the year 2002 and first batch of B-Pharm students was registered in 2002. When the Pharmacy council of Pakistan introduced the 5-year Pharm-D program to be adopted by all universities in place of the traditional 4-years B-Pharm program, the University converted the 2003 batch of students to Pharm-D Programme. This University has the distinction of producing in 2008 the first batch of Pharm-D professionals in Pakistan. The degree awarded by Jinnah University is recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.

The Laboratories are fully furnished with latest sophisticated equipments encompassing all facts of pharmacy education. The course of Pharm-D is hospital-oriented and the students are required to acquire at least 5-week’s drug and patient-oriented training in a teaching hospital. Internship training is arranged for the final year students in various National as well as International pharmaceutical companies so that the latest knowledge acquired in instrumentation, technology and industrial pharmacy could be applied practically. Our Pharm-D graduates are working in various responsible positionsin renowned companies, industries and hospitals.The detail of the courses offered is given for information.

list of departments:


1. Disciplinary And Students Committee (Dr. Aisha Aziz / Dr.Huma Dilshad)
Class Morning Evening
1st Proff Ms. Nimra Azher (Pharmacology) Ms. Nabgha (Pharmacology)
2nd Proff Ms. Komal Fatima (Pharmacy Practice) Ms. Saroush Kiran (Pharmaceutics)
3rd Proff Ms. Shumaila (Pharmacy Practice) Ms. Summiya (Pharmacy Practice)
4th Proff Ms. Quratulain (Pharmacy Practice) Ms.Sadia Shafiq (Pharmacy Practice)
5th Proff Ms. Neelam (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Urooj (Pharmacy Practice)
Morning Evening
Ms. Sania Shuja (Pharmacognosy) Ms. Sanobar Kamal (Pharmacognosy) Ms. Urooj (Pharmacy Practice)
Ms. Aisha Akhter (Pharmacology) Ms. Warda (Pharmacology) Ms. Farah Pharm. Chemistry)
2Laboratory And Equipment Committee (Dr. Madiha Maboos / Dr. Shaista Hamid)
Ms. Iqra Rehman (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Ghazala (Pharmaceutics)
Ms. Mahrukh (Pharmacology) Ms. Shazma (Pharmacognosy)
3. Library And Faculty Administration Committee (Dr. Somia Gul / Dr.Saima Saleem)
Ms. Faiza Hashim (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Seher Iqtidaar (Pharmaceutics)
Ms. Ayesha Akhter (Pharmacology) Ms. Maria (Pharmacognosy)
Ms. Sobia Kamran (Pharmacy Practice)
4. Accreditation Committee (Dr.Huma Dilshad / Dr. Durriya Hashmat)
Ms. Atiya Kauser (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Nimra Waheed (Pharmaceutics)  
Ms. Sidra Zubair (Pharmacology) Ms. Sanober Kamal (Pharmacognosy)  
Ms. Faryal (Pharmacy Practice)  
5. Curriculum, Quality Assurance And Advance Research Studies Committee (Dr. Aisha Sana / Dr. Humera Khatoon)
Ms. Fehmida (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Sidra Sohail (Pharmaceutics)
Ms. Zubia (Pharmacology) Ms. Shazma (Pharmacognosy)
Ms. Qudsia (Pharmacy Practice)  
6Training And Collaboration Committee (Dr. Safila Naveed)
Ms. Urooj (Pharmacy Practice) Ms. Qudsia (Pharmacy Practice)
Ms. Halima Sadia (Pharmacy Practice) Ms. Zainab
Ms. Neelam (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Javeria (Pharmaceutics)
Ms. Asma Eraj (Pharmacology) Ms. Maria (Pharmacognosy)
Ms. Tahoora (Pharmacy Practice) Ms. Asra Mansoor (Pharmaceutics)
7. Oric Committee (Dr. Amber Nawab / Dr. Fatima Qamar)
Ms. Saman Farooqui (Pharm. Chemistry) Ms. Ayesha Kiran (Pharmaceutics)
Ms. Hira Raees (Pharmacology) Ms. Sania Shuja (Pharmacognosy)
Ms. Noor Us Saba (Pharmacy Practice)


Full Name Graduation Year Organization Designation
Mehwish Zia 2005 Walgreens Pharmacy Technician
Yasmeen Fatima 2021 Helix pharma Medical affairs associate
bakhtawar abid 2022 Advance lab Marketing pharmacist
Samra Naseer 2021 Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation Staff Pharmacist-I
Mahalaqa 2020 AGP limited SSPO
Malik areeba akber 2021 Macter International ltd Officer regulatory affairs
Arifa Farooq 2020 Dr ziauddin hospital Pharmacist
Tanzeel Shafaq 2020 SAMI pharmaceuticals Officer
Samreen Fatima 2019 Dvago ( previously) Pharmacist
Urooj Asghar 2019 Mehmood Maternity hospital Retail pharmacist
Sehar Mushtaq 2019 DataQ healthcare Care facilitator
Noor Ul Huda 2021 NIBD and BMT hospital Trainee pharmacist
Fatima Waheed 2019 Ehad Pharmacist
Khansa Zahid 2022 Burhani Hospital Pharmacist
Rabiya Zulfiqar 2021 Indus hospital Trainee Pharmacist
Sabahat Javaid 2020 Liaquat National Hospital Hospital Pharm
Sarwat Kaleem 2020 Genix pharmaceutical Officer Quality assurance
Amna Sami 2021 Novartis Pharmaceutical Company Internship Trainee
Ishrat Tariq 2021 NICH Trainee pharmacist
Laraib Ahmed 2021 Junior Pharmacist
Syeda Fatima Feroz 2021 AllianzE EFU health insurance in medical department Executive officer
Naveera Anzar 2021 High Q Pharmaceuticals Production Officer