The Holy Qur’an is pivot of all Knowledge.

Understanding of the true meaning and implications of faith is reining qua non of successful life. Both are the individual and collective level; this require through Knowledge as well as the ability to analyze and synthesize it over a wide spectrum of circumstances.

The Department of Islamic Learning is one of the pioneer department of the University has been carrying out this task of including this very Understanding, in both theoretical and practical term, in its students. The department has a highly qualified faculty and its academic performance has been excellent in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015 as well as 2016, the students of this department got top faculty positions.

Let’s bring change in our lives.


To make the students of Islamic Learning a valuable and respectable members of the society by applying Islamic code of practice in their individual lives.

To make them able to eliminate, ignorance and discrimination from the society in order to establish an ideal Islamic Society free from ignorance, injustice, poverty, sectarianism and extremism.


It is the basic need of the time to acquire and increase the quest of Islamic knowledge (The knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah) in order to overcome the contemporary problems and lead an honorable dignified life in the modern era.

The goal of the Department is to equip the students with sufficient Islamic knowledge to make them honorable members not only for the country but above all for the Islamic society in general.

It is very important to consider that the material knowledge only gives us the high status among the nations, whereas the Islamic knowledge is the only source which elevates us both in this world,       as well as, in the hereafter.

Come forward to join hands with the department to establish an ideal Islamic society to gain temporal and eternal success which is the wish of every Muslim.

Keeping the above points and views the faculty of Jinnah University for Women, since the beginning has paid attention on the selection of the topics and syllabus of Islamic studies and this is the reason why the numerous students passing from the university had no difficulty in getting jobs in different educational institutions.
Considering the keen interest and increasing number of students in Islamic learning, the university administration is thinking to upgrade it to the position of faculty.

May Allah, the almighty fulfill our sacred desire soon. (Ameen)