Fasihuddin Ahmed (Late)

General Secretary JUW

Mr. Fasihuddin Ahmed the General Secretary of Anjuman-e-Islamia Trust had the ability to successfully follow the footsteps of his father Late Al-Haj Moulvi Reyazuddin Ahmed (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz). After the establishment of University Mr. Fasihuddin Ahmed worked day and night to complete the mission of his late father. He realized the important role of educated females in the future. With this aim he arose to use the tool of education to empower womenwith his pure innate intention to serve the cause of women education. He was humble person for the weak, the destitute and the needy.
His efforts continued till the death on 5th September, 2014 which created a vacuum and to feel his absence is certainly painful for every person in the campus. It is a fact that present state of the University in terms of infrastructure, academic pursuit and all relevant aspect in this regard is due to tireless, sincere devotion of Mr. Fasihuddin Ahmed. All involved in the University are thankful and pray for the eternal peace of his soul (Aameen).

Muhammad Uzair (Late)

General Secretary JUW

Mr. Muhammad Uzair, followed the footsteps of his great father, Al-Haj Moulvi Reyazuddin Ahmed, (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) the founder of Anjuman-e-Islamia Trust. He was a very active, dedicated and competent member of the trust.
Mr. Muhammad Uzair, started his career as a banker, served BCCI for a number of years, had a great insight in the financial affairs. Moreover, he devoted time for the day to day affairs of the University. He gave all his time and energy for the uplift of the University, initially, with his father and this continued till he breathed his last on 19th February 2016.Another major area of his expertise was in civil works. He planned, guided and instructed in the construction of the University. He played a major and leading role in the physical uplift of the institution. The spacious and excellent buildings that we see today are the result of his untiring efforts. His last gift to the University was the renovated Auditorium, now named after him.The vacuum created by his loss will be difficult to fill. We will always remember him for his generous, affectionate and caring attitude. May his soul rest in peace (Aameen).