JUW Central Library


Our society is under growing a process of rapid change refers to the just a position of various images of social, economic and political life. It is believed that information and knowledge are distinguishing features of modern society and main driver of this change is the growing use of libraries.

"Libraries defines, develop and measure out comes that contribute to institutional effectiveness and apply findings for purposes of continuous improvement"

As an integral part of the campus our library will be profoundly affected by changes in the current knowledge based societies by creating changes in higher education, the new students centered paradigm and new learning and teaching approaches have also created.

"Libraries articulate how they contribute to the student learning, collect evidence, document success, share results and make improvements"

Not only we provide the facility of central library, many departments of the University have their own seminar libraries.

Central library in housed in a separate building contains over "45000" physical books of management, social & natural sciences for example Computer Science and Information Technology, Business Administration, Media Studies, Pharmacy, Physical Sciences, Urdu and English Literature, History, Commerce, Economies etc.

Various sections of the Library design and conduct their respective operations in accordance with these strategic aims when developing aims and objectives for their day-to-day activities and other projects.


Our library comprises on six sections:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Circulation
  3. Reference
  4. Business Administration, Commerce & Economics Reading Room
  5. Students/ Faculty Computer Lab
  6. Newspapers and Magazines