Jinnah University for women is nonprofit organization working under Anjuman-e-Islamia Trust Scholarship Policy of Jinnah University for women has been designed with an objective to assist students with their educational expense and to promote education among females. Various categories have been introduced to provide equal opportunity for all students to attain their goals/targets regardless of their financial position, to improve quality intake and to enhance their academic performance and to support women to play their important role for the progress of Pakistan.


Respective Faculty Deans hold interviews and shortlist the candidates. Final interviews are conducted by the as Scholarship Committee detailed below.

S.No Name Designation Role
1 Mr. Muhammad Zafar Registrar Chairman Scholarship Committee
2 Mr. Kaleem Deputy Registrar Secretary Scholarship Committee
3 Mr. Sani Ahmed Director Finance Member
4 Prof. Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Dean Faculty of Pharmacy Member
>5 Ms. Gulnaz Director Admission Member
6 Ms. Asma Student Advisor



  • Advance Scholarship on Need cum Merit Basis:

Advance need cum merit scholarship provide on need cum basis plus merit cum basis to ensure that the most talented students join Jinnah University for women; we offer financial incentives through Jinnah University for women scholarship policy.

Advance need cum merit scholarship provide to undergraduate and post graduate students on the basis of any financial need plus students obtain 70% marks in pre-engineering and pre-medical. Students of Faculty of Pharmacy are not eligible to apply for scholarship in first semester. For continuation of the scholarship in the subsequent semesters for the above categories the students will be required to achieve a GPA of at least 3.75.

  • 100% Scholarship ( Exemption of Scholarship):

Vice Chancellor of University can give 100% scholarship to any student on the basis of merit and need. 100% scholarship provide to students to promote education among women.

  • Scholarship for Existing students:

Jinnah University for women provides scholarship to existing in the month of February every year and provides 50% concession in fee for 2 semesters. Scholarship provides on following basis:

Merit Scholarship

Students achieving GPA of 4.0 in Semester Examination will be awarded Merit Scholarship equal to 50% of Tuition Fee of the following two semesters.

Financial Assistance Scholarship

Jinnah University for women provides scholarship to existing students on need cum basis. Following are the eligibility criteria to apply for Financial Assistance Scholarship Program:

  • Students of all programs are eligible for Financial Assistance Scholarship subject to the condition she finds financial constraints to cope with educational expenses.
  • For the students enrolled in 2nd semester onwards shall be eligible to apply if she has a minimum 2.75 GPA in the previous semester and for continuation at least 2.75 GPA has to be maintained in the subsequent semesters. If the students fail to maintain 2.75 GPA in the previous semesters then their scholarship shall be withheld till the time she improves academic grades to 2.75 GPA.


The Central Scholarship Committee will formally review cases of all scholarship holders every semester for monitoring academic progress as per scholarship policy. The Committee will submit its recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for the continuation or otherwise of the scholarship. The respective Deans will send complete semester result of all beneficiaries, to the Central Scholarship Committee. Scholarships of the students, whose performance falls short of the required parameters, may be recommended for discontinuation of the scholarships till the time their grades improve to minimum eligibility criteria as per their respective category.


 Eligibility of students for scholarship shall be subject to following conditions:

  • The students have to follow the academic road map with full load.
  • Students already in receipt of one scholarship/fee concession from university or external resources are ineligible to apply for any other scholarship.
  • Progress of Financial Assistance and all Merit Based Scholarships will be reviewed every semester.
  • Students of M.phill and PHD are not eligible to apply for scholarship.
  • Students maintain 75% attendance during each semester.
  • Students maintain CGPA according to criteria of scholarship.
  • Students already in receipt of UKAA scholarship are ineligible to apply for scholarship.


  • The policy document is subject to changes/amendments from time to time depending upon the future requirements and status of funds available for the grant of scholarship.
  • Number of scholarship provides to students in each faculty and department depend upon selection of scholarship committee.

Circular for scholarship display on all notice board of University in the month of February every year. Students who are interested can apply through scholarship foam available in registrar office.


  • Students who are interested to apply submit photocopy of all previous proforma along with application form.
  • Students who are interested to apply for advance need cum merit base scholarship submit intermediate certificate plus any valid document attached for financial assistant (death certificate of father, retirement certificate of father, permanent disability of father etc.).


  • All application review by dean of respective faculty and forward to Scholarship committee.
  • Scholarship committee sort application and select students according to criteria of scholarship category.
  • All students select on the basis of financial need and merit.
  • Scholar committee also consider amount allowed by finance department according to budget.
  • Final sheet signed by all member of committee and send to finance department and all other department.
  • Departments display names of awarded students.


Disbursement procedure comprise on following point;

  • Initially awarded students deposit their full semester fee.
  • Take clearance from finance department after showing fee voucher.
  • Than cheque of 50% tuition fee refund to awarded students.


All scholarships of Jinnah University for women provide for two semesters only at the end of two semesters all students required to renew policy through proper application and selection procedure. Students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) to renew scholarships. Submissions of complete documents are required in both category of scholarships (merit scholarship and financial assistance).



As per policy of Jinnah University for women if two sisters are studying at same time in same or different departments of university, Jinnah University for women provides 50% concession in tuition fee of any one sister.