In the Department of Visual studies at the Jinnah university for women we provide an environment in which student will develop their creative skills, have the freedom to grow artistically and intellectually, and be challenged to reach beyond their limits.

The Department offers degrees in BS in Textile Design, Fashion Design and Graphic Design that aim to foster a challenging and innovative learning environment, support creative and academic exploration, provide technical and professional mentoring, and promote student excellence. A team of professionally active, committed faculty prepares students for careers in the arts by developing strong visual skills, keen critical reasoning, and an understanding of broad historical and social themes.


The department of visual studies is founded on a vision of educational excellence leading to graduates that have the capacity to become leaders in their fields, who produce outstanding creative work. They are able to innovate, collaborate, and generate new knowledge.


The department provides students interested in the areas of Textile, fashion, and graphic with learning opportunities that blend studies in critical thinking with a wide variety of creative experiences.  The department educates students to become independent and self-aware artists and designers with investigative mindsets, distinctive visual and conceptual abilities, and the capacity to produce authentic and in-depth creative work capable of playing a meaningful role in both their chosen disciplines and in society as a whole and help student o foster meaningful curricula crafted to:

  • Fully-engaged arts students demonstrate an understanding of their art form through creative, cooperative, collaborative, and independent learning processes such as performance, production, creation, critique, and analysis.
  • Maximize the creative and technical potential in each student.
  • Stimulate analytical and independent thinking.
  • Enrich student knowledge of trends, global influences and technologies in the fields of art and design.
  • Expand student awareness of professional opportunities.
  • Prepare students for entry and advancement in art and design careers.

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