The Department of Business Administration was established in the year 2001 with the approval of the Board of Governors. At first the program of MBA was launched & than BBA (Hons.) program was launched in the year 2004 with the approval of Academic Council after passing from the Board of Studies & the Faculty of Board of Business Administration, Commerce & Economics. After that BBA 4 years Program was launch in the year 2005 by the approval of Academic Council. During the passage of time the program are upgraded & changes are made in the Curriculum as per HEC requirement & every change in courses or amendment; addition of new titles & subjects were made as per market demand. The vested interest was only to keep align the courses with the Vision & Mission of the Department so that the goals are achieved. The Department of Business Administration has the authority to take action to maintain the quality & smooth delivery of program. Introduction of new courses, curriculum development Faculty Development Programs are launched to upgrade the standards of the students as well as for the up gradation of teachers. Various faculty development program arranged by HEC were attended by the Faculty members from time to time, various training programs, seminars, workshops, & conferences were attended by different faculty at different times. The Department has signed various MOU’S with different financial organizations like SECP, KSE & FPCCI; keeping in mind the knowledge & experiences, these organizations can give to our faculty as well as to the students so that they can face the challenges of the market. Signing MOU’S with different educational institutions gives us the idea of different courses, about different methods of teaching & so on. Various CSR activities are also followed & visit to many organizations for charity & for helping the special children are a regular part of the department. In extra curriculum activities many occasions are celebrated e.g. 14th August, 23rd March, Eid Milladunami etc. As for as co-curriculum activities are concerned various marketing activities are being done, Job Fairs are arranged, many stalls are prepared for selling the products which are made at home. All the students of the Department participate in such type of activities, they learn about how to create the market, what are the things to be kept in mind for selling the product. The Department also arranges job fair, so that the student can come in contact with different people from industry & get the opportunity to work with then in the organization as such internship are also created & the students get the market exposure.


Our vision is to equip women with latest knowledge and innovative managerial skills to explore new business.


Our mission is to produce professional competent female business leaders by equipping them with such tools, market trends, and techniques so that they can meet the emerging challenges for sustainable survival in the modern Business world.

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