Course Name Duration
BBA 4 Years
MBA 2 Years



To prepare the female entrepreneurs and management professionals


To prepare the female students ready to take hard-hitting challenges by providing them with comprehension of decision making, leadership and communication along with creating a sense of social responsibility.


After completion of the 4-year BBA degree, students will be able to:

  1. Exhibit their ability and skill to identify and make use of relevant information for decision making in order to solve problems.
  2. Communicate effectively and confidently to diverse audience either in the form of written or oral statements.
  3. Identify various leadership styles and show their ability to apply these styles in different situations.
  4. Involve themselves in activities which may serve for the betterment of the society.
  5. Recognize the importance and dynamics of teamwork in order to achieve organizational goals.
  6. Make use of concepts and theories in their professional life to work efficiently.


  1. The 4-year BBA program is aimed at introduction entrepreneurship, management and other related education in business administration to the female students in order to achieve their higher education dreams.
  2. The program is aimed at revealing students potential to make professional decisions.
  3. The program is aimed at imparting education to the female students to become business leaders
  4. The program focuses to indulge in students ethical values so that they can serve for the betterment of the society.
  5. The program is aimed at focusing on the development of interpersonal skills of students.
  6. The program is a good blend of skills to develop their holistic personality.
  7. The program is aimed at highlighting students’ abilities to become entrepreneurs.



To prepare the female business leaders who can add value to the society.


To produce female business leaders through professional education, critical thinking ability and contemporary market knowledge along with ethical values to make them socially responsible


After completion of the 2-year MBA degree, students will be able to:

  1. Apply different tools, concepts and theories to solve complex business problems and make the right decisions.
  2. Secure good leadership position in national as well multinational organizations.
  3. Think critically in order to solve various business problems and make decisions.
  4. Demonstrate themselves as a good professional executive.
  5. Identify and evaluate different ethical values in business organizations
  6. Identify their abilities and skills to become business leaders while keeping in mind their social responsibility.


  1. The 2-year MBA program is a blend of business and general education to develop managerial and intellectual skills among students.
  2. The program is aimed to develop critical thinking ability of students so that they can evaluate the situation and make right decisions.
  3. The program is aimed at developing the personality of the students in order to present themselves as professional executive.
  4. The program is aimed at imparting current market trends and knowledge that can help them start their professional career.
  5. The program is aimed to make our students understand the importance of ethical values.
  6. The program is aimed at producing female business leaders.
  7. The program is aimed to prepare them for the business world but at the same time as socially responsible.