Dr. Anila Fatima Shakil

Associate Professor

Research publications: International Journal of Advanced Research ISSN:2320-5407.(3 papers in 2016) International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences ISSN 2222-6990. (4 papers in 2011, 2012 & 2013) Educational Research & Reviews ISSN 1990- 3839 (1 paper in 2011) Journal of Educational & Social Research ISSN 2240-0524 (1 paper in 2012) Education doi:10:5923/ […]

Dr. Rabia Abdul Karim

Associate Professor

Research Publication: Publications in International journals International journal of Academics Research in Business and Social Sciences 1: 193-202. International journal of Academic research in Bussiness and social Sciences vol 2 ISSN 2222-6990 Lack of awareness about thalassemia; a social factor in the propagation of beta thalassemia gene in Pakistan. Br J Hematol Book has been […]

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