Agile Methodology

Aims/Objectives/purpose of event

Being in the field of Software Engineering, Foot prints are being made with all the Understandings of methodologies that are working in. Academia Curriculum is never being enough to make student ready for professional life and ethicist. There is always a Gap that has to be filled by sessions and seminars under supervision of experienced professional individual. Considering following reasons department of Computer Science and Software Engineering organized guest speaker session that had objectives to make students understand about Agile Methodologies and its importance in field of Software Engineering

Detail of Event

Guest Speaker session was organized by Department Of Computer Science and Software Engineering in Block B at Jinnah University for Women.

Considering the needs and demands, agile methodology session was arranged. Doing things in the technical world is fine but following the methodologies help them done with perfection. Ability to adapt to change is always the case that is required when you develop a product. And this session had the motives to focus on these particular facts and figures. Agile principles are all about being collaborative, flexible and adaptive. Ms. Hira Azhar included all the facts and figures in the discussion. To make the session more interactive and informative. Software Development world is being standardized by using Agile methodologies. And by means of setting these standards products is being made better and effective. Academia is mostly focused on what to do. The term “How to do it” would make it importance in the professional world. And in this seminar the motives were being made to understand the professional scenarios

Guest Speaker Introduction

Ms. Hira Azhar is currently working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at VentureDive and about 50 students and 4 faculty members were present at the session