Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

Mental health camp was organized psychology department for two days.

Day 1 was conducted on 11th of October. Dr. Hira Mukhtar Assistant Professor from Institute of Clinical Psychology University of Karachi was invited as a guest. At 10 o’clock, dean faculty of social science Dr. Fareeda Azim Lodhi inaugurated the event by cutting the ribbon.  Multiple activities were done such as poster competition as well as stalls for different type of personality assessment. Stalls of feedback, giveaways were also present. Photo booth was also organized for students to have memorable pictures. Assessment stalls had variety of a topic to explore by students with unique approaches and interesting results.

There were many stalls for students to know about their selves through different activities.

  1. Stall Wild Soul Unleashed was about Spirit Animal personality Assessment: a fun way to explore aspects of personality and gain insights or guidance from the traits associated with a particular spirit animal.
  2. De Stress Bunker stall offered a Stress Management Questionnaire to assess stress triggers and provide activities like puzzles and creative expression to help students unwind.
  3. Color psychology-HARMONY stalls explored color psychology’s impact on daily life, including its connection to anxiety and depression, personality evaluation, color-specific activities, and coping styles and relaxation techniques.
  4. Reflection Stall was about how a person can get an insight about how life has change them or how they think about themselves; it would remind them their childhood, its memories and how they care about their present self as well. It also involved multiple games and activities that a person want to relive in their present moment from their childhood.
  5. Road Way Mystery campaign project was road assessment, the aim of it was to tell people what their journey toward the future is, it taps the depressive tendencies in oneself as well as tells one’s hopes and anticipations for the future.
  6. Another stall was how you can gain confidence by having a strong impression generated signature. How you can get insight of your positive trait from your signature.
  7. WALL: The one would paint the negative words according to their inner state, words will be written on the wall. After that one is given a chit in which she would write appreciative or uplifted lines for herself.
  8. Feedback stall was arranged for students to express how they feel about mental camp. The feedback stall was opened for future suggestions as well. Giveaways stall for arranged for students.
  9. Some associate clinical psychologist was also invited from other universities for counseling sessions for students.

The Day 2 was conducted on 12th of October. On day 2 a seminar was conducted for which some of our honorable guest were invited. Three skits were performed and four lectures were delivered on the current topic of the year 2023 “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”. The following mental health speakers joined us on Day 2. {Dr. Rabia Mushtaq, Dr. Sanober Khanum, Dr. Imran Yousuf Muhammad & Dr. Atif Saeed anjum.}. Dr. Imran Yousuf Mohammad, (founder & mental health Psychologist) from Transformation International Society, Karachi was invited as a chief guest.