Animal Gala 2023

Time: 09:00am to 02:00pm

Date: September 11, 2023

Duration: 5 hours

On Monday 11th September 2023, The Department of Zoology organized the fascinating Animal Gala 2023 with the collaboration of The Wildlife Experience Center (TWEC) at Jinnah University for Women (Ground). The Chairperson of Zoology Prof. Dr. Rana Hadi announced competition for teachers and students who keeping pets, and give platform for showcasing their pets. This event was conduct to enhance the awareness regarding pets tothe students. The Animal gala is one of the outstanding events in the history of JUW.

The positive and good initiative of this event is To increase the animal rights, All pets lovers could hold their pets in their houses but keep to take care of their basic and essential need.

In this event, Chancellor Mr. Wajeeh Uddin, Vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Naeem Farooqui, Registrar Ms. Wania Wajeeh, Director Finance Mr. Sani Ahmed, Controller Examination Mr. Razi Uddin, Director Admission Sidra Razi, All Deans, Faculty Members and students were invited and they visited the stalls and appreciate the efforts of Department of Zoology.

Chief Guest:

The Chief Guest Of the event Animal Gala is “Dr. Imran Yousuf”. He also received Sitara-E-Imtiaz. Basically, he is a Psychologist work on mental health but also Philanthropist. Dr. Imran Yousuf is the founder of Transformation International Society”.


Special Guests:

Mr. Atif Imtiaz is the CEO of The wildlife experience center. He was invited as a special guest in this event.

Hasan Hasnain is the CEO of Simba World Karachi at which different breeds of lions are reared and bred. He was invited as a Special guest in this event.

Mr. Aleem Paracha is the CEO of Paracha Mini Zoo. He is the only animal trader in Pakistan until now. He works on the different breeds which are present in Pakistan. Mostly many wild species are present in Paracha Mini Zoo.

In Animal Gala, Mr. Aleem Paracha was also invited as a Special Guest. Faculty members and Students had been enjoyed a lot with a lion cub (Browny).

Judges Panel:

We had 40+ internal entries for the participation of the Animal Gala. We invited the judges panel which was based on Team A and Team B. The Team A evaluate the categories of (Fins, Scales, and Feathers) while The Team B evaluate the categories of Paws.

Team A Team B
Prof. Dr. Narmeen Prof. Dr. Ghufrana
Dr. Shalla Hayat Mr. Aun Muhammad
Dr. Athar Hussain Mr. Moby Manimal
Dr. Arshad Ali Abro Dr. Naeem Soomro



In Animal Gala, there were External and Internal stalls. External stallsinclude the Karachi mini-Zoos and Animal rights organizations that showcasing their animals and Internal stalls consist of the pets of Teachers and Students of Jinnah University For Women. Internal stalls have four categories Fins, Scales, Feathers, and Paws.This category has a competition. Runners up and winners were announced in each category by jury.

External Entries:

The Wildlife Experience Center (TWEC):

The CEO of The wildlife Experience Center is Atif Imtiaz.He was invited in Animal Gala to exhibit variety of exotic animals including birds, dogs, crocodile and python. The wildlife Experience Center was the main collaborator of Animal Gala. Many of Faculty members and students touch and hold alive python and crocodile.

Karachi Falconry Association:

The CEO of Karachi Falconry Association is Syed Umer Ali Hashmi. He participated in Animal Gala with Falconry birds and Pocket Owl.

Paradise Pests:

The CEO of Paradise pests is Shehzad. He participated in Animal Gala with their reptilian species which include Python and Crocodile.

Wohe Welfare:

The CEO of Wohe welfare is Prof. Ozma Noor Osmani. Wohe Welfare worked on the all the aspects which include any kind of environment and humanity related.

Wohe Welfare participated in Animal Gala.

Betta World:

The CEO of betta world is Syed Saim Ali. He joined Animal Gala with the fishes and turtle hatchlings. They work import and export of fishes and also works on decorating aquarium.

Veterinary Doctor’s Alliance:

The CEO of Veterinary Doctor’s Alliance (VDA) is Dr. Arshad Ali Abro. He is veterinary physician and Surgeon.


The winner and runner up students were awarded by shields arranged by the Department of Zoology. Certificates were distributed among all participant. All External, Internal entries (participant) organizers and volunteers of the event were awarded by appreciation certificates.

Glimpse Of Animal Gala


Animal Gala is the event in which the interaction of animals and humans. Due to this event, we give the awareness about the pets. Different news channels covered this event. In future, the Department of Zoology also arranged this type of different shows.