Cooking Contest 2023

Media Studies Department organized a highly anticipated cooking competition at Jinnah University for Women on May 23rd, 2023. In collaboration with Guard Rice, the event offered an extraordinary platform for aspiring chefs to exhibit their skills and passion for cooking. The competition held under the expert supervision of renowned chef Mehboob, brought together a diverse range of culinary enthusiasts. Participants were tasked with creating innovative and delectable dishes using Guard Rice, adding an element of creativity to the competition. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as each contestant showcased their culinary prowess, pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking. The event not only celebrated the art of cooking but also promoted female empowerment and encouraged women to pursue their culinary dreams. The position holders demonstrated their exceptional culinary skills and creativity. After a tough battle among the talented participants, the results were announced with great enthusiasm.

Zainab Awan from the Department of Education emerged as the winner, securing the first position. Zainab’s exceptional culinary skills, coupled with her creativity, impressed the judges and earned her well-deserved recognition. Claiming the second position was Hamda Gulfam from the Department of Islamic Learning. Hamda showcased remarkable talent in the kitchen, combining traditional flavors with a modern twist to create an outstanding dish. Finally, securing the third position was Zainab Anwer from the Department of English, whose culinary expertise and attention to detail impressed both the judges and the audience. These position holders, representing their respective departments, demonstrated their passion and dedication for cooking, adding to the overall success of the competition.