Jinnah University Convocation 2022 – A Celebration of Success

The Jinnah University Convocation 2022, hosted by Ms. Waniya, the Registrar, and honored by Chief Guest Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed, was a celebration of academic achievement, marked by the graduation of 1177 students across various disciplines, BS,MS/ M.Phil. , Ph.D. The ceremony not only highlighted academic excellence but also shown a spotlight on the exceptional accomplishments of the gold medalist students.

Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed, is a Pakistani politician, and journalist who is currently the Pakistan Senator from the Islamabad Capital Territory on the platform of the Pakistan Muslim League. The esteemed Chief Guest, delivered an inspiring address emphasizing the transformative power of education in shaping the future. His presence, alongside Chancelor Mr. Wajeeh Uddin Ahmed, added significance to the event as they awarded degrees to the graduates who paraded proudly in their caps and gowns.

The ceremony featured additional guest speakers who shared valuable insights for the graduates’ future endeavors. Honors were also bestowed upon outstanding students, particularly the gold medalists, recognizing their exceptional academic achievements and contributions to the university and the community. These individuals stood out for their dedication and exemplary performance, embodying the spirit of excellence that Jinnah University strives to instill in its students.

This convocation not only celebrated the collective success of the graduating class but also acknowledged the exceptional accomplishments of the gold medalists, symbolizing the dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent that will undoubtedly shape the future.

The presence of Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed and his Mrs. Dushka Hyder along with Chancelor Mr. Wajeeh Uddin Ahmed elevated the event, leaving a lasting and motivating impression on all attendees. The university and its faculty take pride in shaping the future of these 1177 individuals, with special recognition to the gold medalists who serve as inspiring role models for their peers and future students, embodying the ethos of excellence within the institution.