Iron Rich Cake Rusk

Description: Iron deficiency is a prevalent health concern across the world, demanding novel culinary solutions to treat it. This research presents an iron-enriched cake rusk made with red lentils and white wheat as essential components. The goal of the study was to develop a tasty snack that not only tastes good but also helps to address iron deficiency. This research focuses on the development of a nutritious and flavorful snack, emphasizing the importance of its iron-rich composition. Cake rusk was created by combining red lentils and white flour, resulting in high iron content. Result of the cake rusk is that it kept its delicious taste and
texture. Sensory assessment data indicated favorable results, which were corroborated by positive consumer testing. The cake rusk offers a potential approach to overcoming an iron shortage, especially for individuals seeking a convenient way to enhance their iron intake. In
conclusion the potential of the iron-rich cake rusk as a practical and enjoyable means to address iron deficiency, making it a valuable addition to the range of dietary solutions aimed at improving public health.

Socio-Economic Benefits: The socioeconomic benefits of an iron-rich cake rusk include potential improvement in community health by addressing iron deficiency, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced healthcare costs. Additionally, the creation and sale of this fortified product could contribute to economic opportunities for local producers and businesses.

Category: Probiotics – Gastrointestinal tract infection, Antioxidants, Cholesterol lowering drugs

Department: Food Science & Technology