A Scrabble workshop, organized by the Sports Department of Jinnah University For Women, on September 16th, 2023. The workshop, conducted by Sir Javed Iqbal, one of the Vice Presidents of PSA (Pakistan Scrabble Association), aimed to introduce and educate the university’s girls about the game of Scrabble, equipping them with techniques to excel in it. Before the workshop, the organizing team of VPs provided a daily comprehensive overview of the game’s basic rules for two to three weeks, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

During the workshop, Sir Javed Iqbal shared valuable insights, tips, and tricks related to Scrabble. Participants actively engaged in playing the game, with the Sports Department furnishing necessary materials and handouts for future reference. In his address, Sir Javed emphasized the benefits of Scrabble, highlighting its potential to sharpen cognitive skills and open doors to diverse career opportunities. He commended the enthusiasm and talent of Jinnah University’s girls in the game.

Following the workshop, feedback was gathered from the attendees, and their responses were overwhelmingly positive. Donia expressed how the workshop had reignited her interest in indoor games and praised Sir Jawed Iqbal for dispelling misconceptions. SyedaSamana Rizvi, despite having prior Scrabble experience, lauded the workshop’s enriching content and the opportunity to interact with Sir Javed Iqbal. She also praised the senior VPs for their guidance and the supportive sports department staff. Maha Khan Zai found the workshop to be a smooth and informative experience. Sumayyah Jalal, one of the workshop organizers, described the experience as terrific, with Sir Javed Iqbal addressing all questions about Scrabble scoring and providing valuable insights. UswahBinteFazal expressed gratitude for the insightful workshop, which not only expanded her Scrabble strategies but also fueled her passion for the game, thanks to Sir Javed’s patient guidance.

In conclusion, the Scrabble workshop organized by the Sports Department of Jinnah University For Women was a resounding success, offering valuable knowledge and inspiration to the university’s enthusiastic female students. It underscored the importance of promoting sports and educational workshops to nurture and showcase the talent of the university’s students. Certificates were provided to the attendees for appreciation and motivation, recognizing their active participation and commitment to learning.


Report Submitted by:
Uswah Binte Fazal and Sumayyah Jalal