The university encourages all the girls to take part in the extra-curricular activities. In this connection, various competitions namely debate, Naat, Sports etc. are held regularly. For all types of sports activities, a sports room is maintained by the university. Besides Almost every department has departmental societies for various departmental activities.


Department of economics: Eco-Society

The department of Economics has established an ECO-Society to organize various functions. The students of the department have represented their Alma-Mater in many debate and sports competitions. The students of economics participate in national and inter-university-volley Ball and Table Tennis competition. Department of Economics frequently invites prominent speakers to deliver seminar lectures.

Department of English: Kreative Arts Society

To promote the writing skills of students, the English department established a Kreative Arts Society in the year 2001. The society arranges essay competitions to pave the way for the budding story writers and essayists. Under the banner of the Kreative Arts Society various competitions are held and certificates are awarded to the winners. Kreative Arts Society also organizes ‘Drama Competitions’. The students direct and act in the classic Dramas. The students produced, directed and acted in some well known pieces like Romeo Juliet and Pygmalion. The performance received very good comments.

Department of Media Studies

Department of Media Studiess is a very active department. Its students organize frequent activities on Departmental level as well as on University level. For instance, a group of students visited FM 101 as a study tour. Every month students bring out News Letter ‘Awaz’ in English and Urdu both.

Department of Urdu: Bazur-e-Adab

Urdu Department has established a literary society called ‘Bazur-e-Adab’. This ‘Bazur’ plays a very active role in cultivating literacy qualities amongst the students. It organizes ‘Mushairas’, ‘Literary Sittings’ and ‘Milad’ besides arranging sittings with scholars.

Department of Chemistry

Chemical Society is playing quite an effective role in the lives of its students. The Jinnah University for Women was the first University to usher in the International year of Chemistry 2011 by holding this years’ first International Conference on Chemistry and its Role in Science (ICCRS-1) on January 3-5-2011. It highlighted the role of Chemistry in sustainable development of country and emphasized the leading role of chemical education (workshop) and Biotechnology (one-day symposium). Delegates from foreign countries and Pakistan attended the conference and presented papers. It was the first event of UNESCO and IUPAC, registered in IYC banner in which the celebration of International year of Chemistry started.

Department of Microbiology

Microbiology society is very active in organizing field trips, Health Camps, Workshops and Seminars. Inauguration of ASM LIASION OFFICE, ASM-PSM Microbiology Resource Center was done in the year 2011. The Virology and Tissue Culture Laboratory of the Microbiology Department organized a workshop / certificate course (March,08 2011) as a part of integrated effort on training of healthcare workers. This was the first workshop of the series in which 25 professionals from state and private hospitals and laboratories of Karachi took part an d were trained in proper disposal of pathological waste. This was also the first time that JUW group of researchers received an international support grant to conduct this workshop-cum-certificate course.