Department of Chemistry not only teaches chemistry but also derive you towards such activities which promote understanding and usage of chemistry in daily chores of life. This is done through the platform of an active and vibrant chemical society. Its membership is obligatory for all the students of the department. A nominal membership fee of Rs. 150, per semester is charged from every student of the department.

Incharges of Chemical Society

  • Lubna Abidi (Assistant Professor)
  • Imran Malik (Assistant Professor)

Members of Chemical Society

  • Mehwish Hina (BS IV)
  • Iqra Saeed             (BS IV)
  • Areeba Ayaz             (BS IV)
  • Ambreen Mukhtar             (BS IV)
  • Roha Tariq             (BS IV)
  • Sumaiyah Khalid (B-2) (BS IV)
  • Shaista Nabi Lagari             (BS III)
  • Kainat Rajper             (BS III)
  • Unaiza Murad             (BS III)
  • Ayesha Aftab             (BS III)
  • Misbah Shakeel (BS II)
  • Hafiza Kashaf ul Huda (BS II)
  • Iqra Sheikh (BS II)
  • Roshni Azimi (B-2)                (BS II)
  • Hira Saleem (BS I)
  • Fizzah (BS I)
  • Javeria Alam (BS I)


Dr. Najma Rasool Mughal

Chairperson, Department of Chemistry