The Department of Food Science & Technology is established to cater the need of the fast growing food industries in the country and also to meet the ever-growing demand for food scientists & technologists in the government department, research and educational institutions. The department has developed the collaboration with other established Universities, Industries, Hotels & Hospitals. Many workshops, conferences and seminars are organized related to topics of Food Science. The prime objective is to promote the subject of Food Science & Nutrition to elaborate the relationship between health/disease with food.


  • To prepare skilled women power
  • To promote the concept of Industrial Chain-Development.
  • To Groom the young minds to make their future bright in the field of Food Science and Technology
  • To cover the wide scope of processed foods and varieties of food industries in Pakistan.


Introducing the subject of food science & Technology/ Nutrition at every level from primary school to the university because Pakistan is an agricultural country, only growing the crop is not enough it should be preserved & processed for the.

  • Economic growth of the country.
  • Building a strong healthy nation.
  • Self grooming to accept future challenges.


Students who wish to pursue for a Bachelor in Science degree at the Department of Food Science & Technology must have passed intermediate from science group or equivalent certification. Minimum requirement for the admission in BS or MS/M.phil in Food Science & Technology or any equivalent degree with first division.

Career Opportunities

  • Teachers, Researchers
  • Food Engineers
  • Food Chemists
  • Food Analysts
  • Food Microbiologists
  • Food Inspectors
  • Food Safety Officers
  • Food Security Officers
  • Food Safety Auditors