Sno Teaching staff Area of Expertise\Qualification
1 Prof. Dr. Rashida Ali R&D, Food chemistry, Nutraceutical product development, Beverage Technology, & Food Processing preservation, Dairy sci. and technology, Food Laws & Food safety Sensory evaluation
2 Dr. Ghuffran Saeed (V.F) Nutraceutical product development, Food Chemistry, Food biotechnology, Food engineering, Beverage Technology, Food Flavor & colorant
3 Dr. Badar-ud-din (V.F) Food Chemistry, Food Biotechnology, Food Engineering
4 Dr. Zeeshan (V.F) Food Engineering
5 Dr. Javeria Siddiqui (V.F) Food Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry
6 Dr. Syeda Seema Ashraf Food Chemistry, Community Nutrition, Nutrition & diet therapy, Nutraceutical product development ,Dairy sci. and technology, FQMS, Sensory evaluation
7 Ms. Saima Sundus Food Chemistry, Food Processing & Preservation Techniques
8 Ms. Hina Sheikh Industrial processing of fats & oil in Food Science
9 Ms. Anum Liaquat Food Product Development
10 Ms. Zil-e-Noor Food product development, Food Microbiology
11 Ms. Javeria Naz Food Chemistry , Food Processing & Preservation
12 M.s Uroosa Aslam BS (Food Science & Technology), MS (Enrolled)
13 Ms. Kanza Jamil Food Processing & Engineering, Packaging Technology,
14 Ms. Maryam Khan BS (Food Science & Technology)
15 Ms. Nida Khan BS (Food Science & Technology)
16 Ms. Amna Nasir BS (Food Science & Technology)
17 Ms. Farheen Hashmi BS ( Food Science & Technology)
18 Ms. Sanniya Tayyab BS (Food Science & Technology)
19 Mr. Haider Ali M.Sc (Statistics)
20 Ms. Bushra Naseem Food Processing & engineering, Food Safety
21 Ms. Noor-ul-Ain Cereal Technology.
22 Ms. Haya Bint-e-Arif Food Chemistry, Food Processing & Preservation
23 MS. Hina Kamal Food Chemistry & Food Processing Preservation