Highlights from 4th Annual Research Project Display-2024

On March 5th, 2024, the Department of English at Jinnah University for Women hosted 4th Annual Research Project Display that featured the research project exhibition and examination of final-year students. The exhibition covered 40 research projects from various domains of Linguistics and Literature. These formal investigations are a mandatory part of BS program that progress in final-year.

The aim of this activity is to fill the research gaps and bring new knowledge either by implementing or testing existing models, frameworks, theories or by analyzing and deconstructing secondary data such as plays, novels, poetry, speeches, news headlines or etc. with in the time span of one-year.

The esteemed examiners of the event included Assistant Professor at the Department of English, Iqra University Mr. Muhammad Younus, Senior Lecturer at the Department of English Linguistics and Allied Studies, NED University, Ms. Sidra Awan, Assistant Professor at the Department of English Linguistics and Allied Studies, NED University, Ms. Almas Ashraf.

The evaluators of the event evaluated multiple projects critically and provided a constructive feedback to the students. This helped to raise the academic standards and quality of our program. The examiners appreciated the students’ works, efforts and the idea of displaying research in an innovative manner.

Chancellor Jinnah University for Women; Mr. Wajeehuddin Ahmed and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Naeem Farooqui paid a visit to the exhibition.

The two met the evaluators of the event and visited the booths of different researchers. The former praised the students’ work and departmental activities pertaining to research.

Dean of Social Sciences, Ms Surrayya Qamar and Chairperson Department of English, Ms. Syeda Sarah Junaid presented the souvenirs of appreciation to the students as well as to the external examiners in recognition of their participation in the event.

Explore the fascinating moments of the Annual Research Project Display 2024!